Rule changed by itself?

I have a Simple Automation rule to turn two lights on at sunset and off at sunrise. It's been running fine. On June 25 I upgraded the hub firmware, and enabled Google Home and set it up. I played around with Home by telling my Google Home hub to turn lights on and off. Went to bed with the lights on, and next morning they were still on. I checked the log, and saw this:

2020-06-26 06:10:02.474 am infoDriveway Light is on [digital]
2020-06-26 06:10:00.860 am infoTurn Off Porch Light, Driveway at Sunrise -10 minutes Turn On

Prior to 6/26, the rule called "Turn Off ..." would turn the lights off, but when I checked it 6/26, I saw the action had changed from "Turn Off" to "Turn On". I changed that back, and it's worked fine since.

Has anyone run into something similar (a Simple Rule changing itself), or could it have been the firmware update, Google Home, or what?

I noticed that if I edited a rule, the default action was changing to "on". I had to go back and check a couple and change them back to "off"

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I have a couple that stopped working and when I checked, they were set to Turn On... not sure if that was in conjunction with an update

I then checked all of them and found a few that were running fine, yet the Turn Off was set to Turn On or a mode was missing...


Thanks rakeshg and toy4rick. Glad to know it's not just me. I'll know what to check if it comes up again.

Anyone report it to Bruce? If any of you can reproduce it, then I would call it a bug of some type.

Yes, this happened to me, too! All of my Simple Automation Rules that were meant to turn something off had been changed to "turn on" in the rule settings.

This is strange for a number of reasons... According to the rule events, even though I had three different rules that seemed wrong in the settings, only one of them was actually behaving incorrectly. Two of the rules showed "Turn On" in the settings, but continued to turn the device off as expected. The last rule, which actually started behaving incorrectly, is the only of the three where I used the "Also Turn On" option. The flip for that rule occurred on 6/25, which is odd as I last upgraded from to (my current version) on 6/14.

As another data point, even some of my "Turn On" rules seemed to have changed to "Turn On & Set Color."

@bravenel, any ideas?

I will look into this. No idea at the moment of what would cause this.


I just discovered this tonight as well with “turn off” rules showing as “turn on” when opening the rule, and most of my “turn on and set level” rules showing “turn on and set color” with no parameters set. It has only affected rules created as SA, not older SL rules. It happened on both of my hubs affecting approximately 20 rules. Also discovered that I couldn’t use “turn on and set level” for a mixed group of z-wave dimmers and switches. It only would turn on the dimmers. Not a big deal, but I didn’t expect it. I haven’t otherwise had any recent issues.

Yup something has broken in simple lighting

I noticed that too (and I have no color bulbs). I had to change a bunch of mine to "Turn on"

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I had a weird one here last week that's sorta like this...

I have an RM Rule that monitors a Konnected unit and reports any change to a program running on one of my computers. The Konnected contact values are copied to local variables with a command like

 Set var1 to Line Power contact

which are then sent out with a GET like

Send GET to: http://[ip]:5550/%var1%.%var2%.%var3%

Now, here's the weird part: three months ago, before I had the Konnected properly installed, I had the Set commands dummied up like

Set var1 to 'X'

in order to test the sending/receiving mechanism. Well, one of the contacts wasn't being reported last week, and when I looked at the Rule, one of the "Set" commands had reverted to that "X" dummy version, from 3 months ago.

I shrugged, and changed it back from "Set string" to "Device attribute", and the Rule remembered the previous Device and attribute. No problems since.

Noticed the same thing. I opened and checked all of my Smart Automation rules last week. Once they were "fixed" they seemed to stay that way. i need to go check all my automations. work can't finish soon enough for me to do this

OK - here is one that changed to "on" and was working as "off" before.

It shows "on" now but if I go look at the events for this rule, it was running as "off" on 5/28 (probably when I was testing this)

UPDATE: Found another one. This one changed from "off" to "Turn on & set color" but has been working correctly (turning "off")

So it wasn’t just me... phew! Yep had a similar thing.

I think this happened when they added the "Turn on and Set Color" feature in the last update. I have checked all of mine and had to reset many to get them correct.


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