Router rebooting

Is there an internet uptime app. If the Internet is down I want to reboot the router. Does anyone know if something like this already exists?

There's two options I can think of.... Hub Info and Web Pinger.... I just need to find links to both....

I appreciate it.

Web Pinger is here ( with the caveat Bryan provides that more recent platform updates or features in Event Engine may be more appropriate....)

Hub Info is useful for so many reasons.... Hopefully you will begin to understand the more you read....

Web Ping should do the trick.. I have set it up a a device but what would be a good program considering I want it to reboot the router if the Internet is down. I was thinking of using as the ping address (Google's DNS)?

Add a smart plug to your router and use rule machine to create a rule to restart the smart plug if the you don't get a response from a ping,

Here's an example that I'm using to restart a computer running my camera software.


Thank you for that program.

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