Roomba and hubitat

Family got a Roomba (7550) and Breeva over the holidays. I think the main thing I’m trying to figure out is it supposedly likes lights on while cleaning. How do I turn lights on while cleaning, and off when docked?

I’m okay to run schedules out of the iRobot app, it’s more just the lighting since we run the Roomba/breeva at night when we go to bed.


  • all lights (well, almost all) are in Hubitat and Alexa
  • as noted, I have Alexa available. I also have Echo Speaks app, but don’t really use it. I’m not the biggest fan of needing Alexa and her skills, but will if needed.
  • I use ring (unofficial) app on Hubitat and HSM to turn light off when alarm comes on.
  • I have a Synology nas or Rpis available if I absolutely need to use docker for this.

This might provide you with what you are looking for:

@Sebastien Yeah, I noted that initially searching for a solution. I should have put that in my original post. But isn’t the cloud/iRobot native app still needed for mapping? I don’t ‘need’ local right now I guess, but maybe that’s needed.

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I’m aware of the solution, but have never used it myself. You might ask the question on that topic.

I use the iRobot Scheduler. It doesn't replace the iRobot app. But it does allow you to control the Roomba as well as treat it as a device. Mine is called "Rosie" and I (for example) disable motion automations while rosie is running as otherwise she turns on lights everywhere she goes. I'm not sure about Roomba needing lights on though. I never turn them on. But she is setup to run when we're not home. You can do presence based automations.

Haha, you must be old like me :wink:
Mine is called "Rosie" too after the Jetsons.


Guilty as charged. I bet a large percentage of Roombas have that name. :crazy_face:

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The latest ones we have use cameras to identify things like obstacles and dog poop. We had that unfortunate experience once, right before guests visited, of our old Roomba rolling dog feces through the entire floor. That older version was retired after that.

That was a required upgrade on this purchase.


+1 here, too. Rosie's my downstairs and Mac's my upstairs :slight_smile:

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I do find my roomba docks better when the area is well lit. I use the irobot scheduler to get the devices in hubitat and RM to turn the lights on when docking. It would be the same/similar setup to have lights on while cleaning.

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Curious, can the Roomba be launched through an Alexa command/virtual switch into Hubitat? If not, looks like I’ll be setting up a rpi next weekend.

Quite a few bumps lately with lights off and trying to run.

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