Robot Vacuums... What Cleans Up Your Mess?

What robot vacuums do people use and why? What integrates easily with HE with local control? What handles a mixture of surfaces easily?

Obviously I am interested in those that clean upside down relative to most people here :wink: .... But happy to open the discussion up to those in the North as well... I expect the device list is not too dissimilar in this category.

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I have an old hand me down roomba 650 which I modded (based off the work of others of course) to to be controlled via wifi just for kicks with an ESP01 I had lying around. It just does stop/start/return to base. Fortunately these have a communications interface built in to allow this.

The roborocks are well regarded and the S5 is kind of controllable in HA AFAIK including localised cleaning via the mapping function. I recall having asked your question before but after researching I realised why there weren't many responses :grinning:.

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Yeah, I'm in no rush, happy to get the incidental exercise using my Dyson cordless when motivated to pick it up.... A while ago I watched some videos from a YouTube channel in the states that focused on vacuums, probably should check back in to see what they recommend, amongst other comments here specifically about HE integration...

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If you are open to running a local node server, roomba can be controlled locally using REST980. There is a community app

I have a 960 and a 980 running that way.


I'm using Neato D7 because it works in the dark and I'm really satisfied. It draws a floor plan of its job so you can trace boundaries on your phone so next time it won't go over the boundaries. It integrates with Hubitat and here is the device:


Love my Roborock S6MaxV. Great obstacle detection - it even sends me pictures of what it has found!

Haven't integrated into HE but I do have some limited control via Goggle Home but it seems to disconnect on a regular basis!

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Oh nice, what integration is this you are using?
I have an iRobot which I'm happy with, but considering purchasing a 2nd robot for downstairs and want to consider alternatives as well.

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I have a Roborock S6 I got on sale last year. I have it integrated with HE through Alexa routines with a virtual switch. Being a Lidar based Vacuum allows it to work really efficiently.

If was going to get a new one now having that robovac for about a year I would get the new Robovac S7Max Ultra. It would cost about twice as much, but having the better base that can allow it to empty the dust bin and clean the mop when moping would be nice. The new S7Max also has AI Object avoidance which depending on what you have at home can be a godsend.

One thing I would point out though is you really need to match the type of carpet you have to the correct vacuum to. Some don't work well with certain types of carpet.

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I have iRobot 680 and an i7. I thought about integrating them but they are smart enough, especially the i7, that once the schedules are in them I never need to control them manually. Haven't used the physical remote ever.
Once in a blue moon I don't want the dude under my feet at 9:30 in the morning so I just open the Android app and say "Be off with you!".

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An additional smart app is always nice, for me at least, which I would expect with these devices....

Roborock S4 now takes main duty in our house. An older Samsung bot has been relegated to the basement.

S4 cleaning has been stellar on hardwood and tile. It squeezes under all of our furniture except the couch, sweeping up a disturbing amount of cat/dog hair each time.

I just got it set up with custom Alexa commands. The default commands of the Mi Home skill were spotty, so I made custom routines with rated R commands that my wife finds amusing. As time permits, I may try to set up a virtual switch to start/dock, so it runs when we are not home.

We have two eufy's and they're ok, but we have 2 kids and 2 shedding dogs (one of which is a GSD) So the vac's either 1: Choke to death on hair or 2: Choke to death on toys (lego's, wires, nerf darts etc)

I have a Shark IQ with the self empty base, got it on a good deal right around this time of year last year. With pets the self empty I think is a must have. It works good enough, not the greatest software. I just missed out on getting one with LiDar (it came out shortly after I bought it). When I ever replace it, I am thinking either another Shark with the Lidar or the newer Roborock with the base and Lidar look better that the shark at a little higher price tag.

Works great on wood floors, for rugs not to much, leaves pet hair clumps behind. Integrates with a custom driver, cloud based with a reverse engineered API.

Just placed an order for an S4 max now that we pulled our carpet and going to have tiles soon. I need something to keep the dog hair under control so it doesn't end up on my sandwich ;D

You realize, of course, that this is simply not possible, no matter what multiverse you go to. :wink:

We have two small dogs (13lbs and 9lbs) and it's still like there is a St. Bernard hidden somewhere in the house working full time on shedding! So much fur that we can't understand how our two tiny dogs aren't bald. Just amazing...

We have a Deebot (old one from five or so years ago) that is still running. Had to disconnect the speaker as it kept thinking it was clogged no matter what I did...field stripped it down to almost nothing but a PCB and went back together and still kept beeping and warning us constantly.

Other is an Eufy that has worked very well...I would buy an Eufy again, been very dependable and does a good job. I only use it w/a stock Eufy GH integration (tell it to start vaccuuming) and have not really needed an HE connection for it. After the Terrible Poop Vaccuum Disaster of a couple years ago, we never run the vaccuums when we aren't home, and always do field inspection before starting them up. :poop: :wink:

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Deebot OZMO 937. It’s quiet and does the job I need it to. It was inexpensive at $300 CAD, but still has LiDAR and their latest mapping software. Battery life is plenty for the space it cleans (226 sq/ft).

Integration is via Homebridge plug-in and virtual switches back to Hubitat and Alexa. But, this does require Ecovacs cloud. It all works though, and has been reliable.

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I have a roborock s5Max and it is great we only ever get out the old hoover when we are doing a quick spot clean.

I have it integrated with Hubitat so that when the house is empty it will clean, if we come home before its finished it will dock so we never see it.

We are more that happy with its hoovering and mopping performance we are manly LVT with a few rugs.

Can you elaborate a bit? I would love to know if there is a straightforward scheme before I start down the Rube Goldberg path.

We have a deebot T9. Works great. I'm even surprised at the mopping function which we run occasionally. Just need to remember to close doors to carpeted rooms when mopping.
My only gripe with the T9 is the multi-map function.
because we have a split level house, when we move it to the 2nd map and back again it gets lost and confused occasionally.

As for automation, I have it linked in node red and Run it on a time schedule when we are home. If we are away it won't run, as I presuming it will set off the alarm - not that I have tested it!

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