Robot Vacuums... What Cleans Up Your Mess?

I would be interested in this as well

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If I understand the prerequisites correctly, this involves running a server to integrate. That may be a bit more involved than my rudimentary needs.

If you want to communicate with many of these, you’re going to need to use their cloud services anyway. So if you’re an Alexa user, one option is to trigger the cleaning cycles with Alexa routines that you activate with a virtual switch that also appears as a contact and/or motion sensor to Alexa. There are multiple posts here that explain how to do that.

Resurrecting this post to see if there are any new developments in this space/product.

I'm looking for a robo vac that will let me map out its cleaning areas, but DOES NOT CONNECT TO THE CLOUD. It could communicate locally via wifi (with it's IP blocked from internet access) to a phone or computer if needed. Obviously I would prefer that it be able to connect to Hubitat, but at this point I would just be happy to have one that allows mapping without a cloud connection.

Can't say I have stepped into this space yet... Nothing to do with the responses here.... Just no driving need TBH... Can only be the silence from major brands that suggests the likely outcome is that brands have continued down the safe path of enhancements at the edges... That said without any research....

The only suggestion I could make would be to find some brand / model that at least supports local control, even with cloud connections part of the mix.... not ideal I would agree, but can at least get you started in the space while the companies catch up and offer a genuine local option.

@sburke781 - I've got a Eufy that remains unconnected to the internet. It dutifully puts out a wifi signal that I can see, but that is not connected to anything and which I've never set up. Not even sure what options connecting provides. I just turn it on and it randomly roams, bumping into things and going another directions. Its fairly quiet, very short so it can get under things, and its existence spurs household members to keep stuff off the floor.
I'd just really like to have one that lets me map the room layout and proceeds to dutifully vac the entire room methodically, rather than randomly, and lets me decide which rooms to vac on any particular day, preferably via Hubitat, all without requiring me to send my houseplan and vac schedule to others...

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Only based on my prior experience with other smart devices, like Kasa plugs, a Bond bridge and Chromecasts, the WiFi SSID these devices make available are really just there to facilitate the initial connection of the device to your main WiFi network. If you have ever searched for a new devices, temporarily connected to it, selected your WiFi network, entered the password and then needed to connect back onto your main WiFi, then it is using this very common technique.

That said, the local Kasa integration is able to bypass the cloud connectivity and communicate locally. Not sure how easy it would be to do in every case...

Still, nice option to raise where you just let it randomly roam the house, that may suit some other users as well.

We have 2 Eufy's but honestly, I've kind of given up on them at this point. Why you ask? 1st 1 of our 2 dogs is a GSD.... 'nuff said there. 2nd we have kids. Kids leave everything on the floor. Nerf darts and legos are vac stoppers. Balloon ribbons or similar make the vac make lots of noise. Pretty much anything that has to do with the kids will stop the damn things. Oh what did you say? Teach my kids to pick up after themselves? Look here Karen, my kids are 5 and 11. The fact that I've not gone to prison for filicide is a god damned miracle... If you can come over my house and teach these little gorillas from slinging their own poo and pick up after yourself? Well I will work 2 full time jobs just to pay you...

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My name's not Karen... :wink: :grin:

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Late to the part, but we were gifted an Roomba s9. It's pretty cool, but not a fit for our house. We've got 4 dogs that are always leaving their toys and bones everywhere.

Having to pick things up before vacuuming sort of defeats the purpose of a robot vacuum imho. Quite often it doesn't empty often enough, and when it returns to the base to empty itself, a clump of dog hair clogs the base and needs user intervention.

On that note, the bags are so small I can fill one in a few days.

I've taken to just using it in certain rooms and manually vacuuming the rest of the house. I don't think I'd ever buy one of these robot vacuums for our house.

Without kids or dogs, it would be fine.

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That said with the dogs, we have a dyson v10 stick that is fantastic...


We have a Shark AV1010AE IQ, the hardware is OK but the software is absolutely terrible and Shark make it worse with each update. There is a Hubitat integration for it by the looks of it - not tested this. It's not great on carpets but it really picks up a lot of dust and pet hair.

The mapping has been severely downgraded, I think like Sonos is suing Google and Google are taking away features from Nest products, Shark is being sued for patent infringement and maybe that's affecting them. Shark support are also really bad, so I came here looking for a different vacuum that would integrate with Hubitat

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So do we. What a pile of :poop: it is. We bought the Roomba s9+ and Bravajet combo about 6 months ago and love it. It rarely needs any human intervention and cleans better than any of our previous robot vacs. I am using Home Assistant and the Home Assistant Device Bridge to integrate it with HE.


Looks like the thread lived long enough for me to update my answer. RoboRock Q5+ (self-emptying) took over duties for our main living space. It was a Prime Day special that I can endorse. It handles fur duty for a large dog plus two cats. My only gripe is that it seems to want to climb the legs of my wife's sit/stand desk, causing it to beach itself.

Older Samsung bot still has the unfinished part of the basement (cat litter and cobweb duty). It operates on a schedule.

Our RoboRock S4 has been demoted to light duty in the finished part of the basement (separated by an elevated landing). Both it and the Q5+ are integrated with Alexa, so we can yell a customized command on our way out the door. Or, more likely, I forget and click the app a half mile later.


Shark AV2501S, self emptying, here.

Agreed! The hardware seems OK. Only been in service about 90 days. Does well with dog hair. Sometimes tries to eat the curtains. I am suspicious the battery is pooping out. For 2 hours of cleaning it takes 6 hours to complete the job. Too many recharges.


Yes. Our Shark tends to hump one of the bar stools. Not both, just one -- the same one.

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Have you tried moving the stools around to see if it finds it?? Inatimate love is a funny thing!

But seriously folks! We picked up a Roborock Q7 Max+ on the latest prime day. So much better than the Eufy we used to have. Amazes me that it figured out how to get over some pretty steep transitions from Wood to LVT. The first time it felt around the doorways for a few minutes, but now it just does what it has to to get over.

My two questions (and Ill keep looking for an answer to the first one)

  1. Is there an integration for these?
  2. Does anyone know if there is a web app or web interface for them? Working with the maps on my phone, and even the iPad is a bit of a pain and kinda hard to see.

We have 4 dogs, including a German Shedder and a wire-haired pitty mix, both of them shed like crazy. This vacuum does a fine job of keeping the hair under control. I figured we would initially have to run it 3 or 4 times a day, then back of two twice a day, but it really seems to do a very good job collecting all the hair bunnies. It does have the self-emptying feature, and it works pretty well, but THAT does tend to have an issue with getting all the hair out of the dustbin. I am guessing I'll need to go in once a week or so and manually clean the hair out of the dustbin. the filters for the self-empty part are supposed to last 7 weeks, I suspect with the hair it does get, and the dust and dirt these dogs bring in I'll need to change it every 2 or 3 weeks. Overall, so far I am quite impressed with this unit. the eufy we had was so bad, the bar was pretty low.

Yes. If we move the stool about a foot, Sharkey isn't so amorous.

I have to empty the dust bin every other day. It will notify me if is gets full -- which helps.

Not for the Sharks. :slightly_frowning_face:

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