Ring Keypad gen 2 problem with 2.2.5

Since I updated to 2.2.5 I'm unable to control HSM with my keypad. If i go on the device page I can enable all modes on the keypad but if I use codes on the keypad nothings happens.
Look like communication is now one way....

My hub is C7

Thanks for your help

My ring keypad is added in HSM. Should I set up elsewhere?

If I push on button (see screenshot) the keypad answer and say "away" or "disarm". But if I try change mode directly on the keypad nothings happen. In any case HSM never change mode...

I just finish of:
1- unpair keypad
2- factory reset keypad (10sec in back pinhole)
3- pair with my C7 hub with S2
4- set keypad to 6 digits
5- push user lock codes with app " Lock code manager"
6- add the keypad in the HSM app

After all this step nothing have changed... I can activate keypad with my hub but hub don't receive keypad signal command....

maybe this will work?

The ring keypad must use the system provided driver.


I'm pretty sure the driver is causing the problem. I tested using the "Ring keypad G1" driver and there I see my actions in the Events tab. If I use the correct "Ring Keypad G2" driver, nothing is recorded in the "Events" tab when I try arm or disarm the keypad...

I don’t completely follow why you’re saying the iris driver is the correct driver. If it’s a ring keypad, the correct driver is the one labeled ring. Also I’d note if you’re changing drivers, make sure you hit configure after each change.

For anyone to really help diagnose, I’d say enable debug logs for the device, trigger the key pad actions you expect to do something and then take a screenshot of what logs the device produces with debug enabled.

I made a mistake while writing. It is indeed Ring that I wanted to write. I got mixed up because my old keyboards were Iris ...
And debug was already enabled.

Great! So second part would be to screenshot the debug logs that are output when it doesn’t work as expected and post that screenshot here. The zwave experts might see something that helps identify the issue.

This is the error

Thanks.. I'll track it down.. it's most likely related to that NPE error..


Next beta group please accept my application! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Last update and don't solve the bug.
@bcopeland have you found the cause of the problem?

Thanks for your hard work. :+1:

I have the same issue with the G2 driver ever since the 2.2.5 upgrades. My thread has been silent.

I have a topic open too. There are two issues. The configure() method is missing (as defined it does not match the argument at least), and the events order is referencing annual valued variable. For me this especially sucks, because now my wife has no way of dismissing a false alarm intrusion while I am away this weekend.

My topic which shows the two errors is here: Multiple errors on Ring Alarm Keypad G2 since updating the 2.2.5

If it worked before the upgrade, why not roll back. Keep the Wife happy and await the fix.

Because until you asked, I did not realize that was an option. I see in the recovery page. Maybe I will do that.

Glad I was able to help you discover this option. Hopefully Bryan can get the driver corrected in a hotfix, but in the mean time rolling back can keep the features you were using functional and the Wife happy. Happy Wife = Happy Life! Enjoy your weekend trip!