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Hello I just installed Rgb genie ZW 1002 and a wall switch and the drivers. But I can not figure out how to sync them. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

What wall switch are you using?

Try using the built-in "Mirror" app. Create new device mirror using the wall switch as the primary device and the controller as the replica device.

Refer to docs..... Mirror | Hubitat Documentation

Depending on your wall switch, another option is to use the built-in "Button Controller" app.

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It’s the button controller that came with the led controller. They work together and I just cant figure it out

The "Mirror" app that I mentioned above should work.

Here is a link to some more information on Bryan Copeland's drivers........[RELEASE] RGBGenie Z-Wave Device Drivers (all)

Please check that you are using the correct drivers for both the LED controller and the touch panel. Then you can install the mirror app with the touch panel as the primary device and the LED controller as the replica device.


I guess I’m not sure how to pair the driver with the device. It doesn’t give me any options

OK...click on https://github.com/RGBGenie/Hubitat_RGBGenie/tree/master/Drivers

You will need to install the following 2 drivers:

  1. Zwave-LED-Controller.groovy for the led controller
  2. Zwave-Touch-Panel.groovy for the touch panel.

Instructions to do this are in the doc....How to Install Custom Drivers | Hubitat Documentation

There are 2 ways to import the code....you can cut and paste or copy the URL. I suggest to cut and paste the code from the github menu link above....BUT very important to click on the "Raw" button on the header at the right to get the raw code without the line numbers....

InkedScreenshot 2023-07-23 161757

Cut and paste the entire raw code (without line numbers). Then follow the instructions in the doc to load the new driver. The custom drivers will be at the bottom of the list under "User".

It is a little daunting at first, but once you do, it becomes easy to do it again when you want to install other custom drivers

Review the doc thoroughly and take it one step at a time. If you have any questions post them here and we will help. We all had questions the first time we did this.

Once you have the 2 drivers installed you can then install the Mirror app and you will be in business.

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Ok yes I know how to install drivers. I have deleted and re installed twice. But nothing will work. The instructions say the controller and remote work together. But I don’t have a child option with the parent. I feel like I should

Did you try using the Mirror app?

Yes. It only turns the LED’s off and on. No color wheel or anything else. The read me says there are child apps to load but I can’t figure that out either

Tagging @Gnant @bcopeland .......any suggestions?

do I need to create a virtual switch after i install driver?

  1. What model number touch panel do you have? Where did you get it from? It looks like model ZV9003 from the photo of your instruction sheet, but, I can not find this model number on RGB Genie's website or any website for that matter.

  2. The following is an excerpt from @bcopeland's post on the led driver. Does your device page for the touch panel look like this? Can you post a screenshot of your touch panel device page to include Preferences and the Driver Type?

  1. I don't see how a virtual switch is going to help you

  2. Edit....another thought.....have you tried hitting the Configure button on the touch panel device page after you loaded the driver? Please do so before you post the screenshot of the device page.

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it only looks like that if i create a virtual switch. it is the zw 3003 switch. got both from rgb genie website directly. this is what it looks like in my device tab

if i create a virtual switch this is what i get

and what does the yellow mean in the mirror app?

The RGB Genie stuff is horrible in their numbering system. There are like 4-5 numbers for every device depending upon where you look. What shows on the site, what is on the device label, and what shows on the hub (drivers, data, firmware, etc) are all completely different with no way to tell which is which. It is very frustrating.

OK...ZW 3003 is the correct model number for the wall controller.

The only other suggestion I have is for you to contact RGB Genie direct. There is an email and a phone number on the website. Sean Gnant is the person who was knowledgeable and helped me out a few years ago. Sean is familiar with the drivers Bryan Copeland wrote for their LED controllers.

ok thank you for your help. I'm sure its something i have overlooked. when i get home today i am going to exclude and re include each one and assign the corresponding device type individually,

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There isn't a color wheel nor any control with Mirror. It just ties input to output. When you do something on the panel, it should just mirror that action on the LED controller.

Here is mine with the RGB Genie panel and LED controller, these are Zigbee if I remember correctly. It looks very similar to yours, except for the color effects which I don't think the Zigbee controller has.

If you want a color wheel or other control method, you need to expose the LED controller to a Dashboard and add it as a Color Bulb device tile. You can't add the touch panel to a Dashboard, that is illogical as they are both input devices.

Ok, ill try that tonight, but the touch panel and led controller are supposed to work together, there are even instructions on how to pair without hubitat and/or a hub, but again no success for me.