[RETIRED] hubiVue iOS, Android, Amazon & Web Dashboard App

You may want to post on the community on Hubivues site. @gslender is very responsive

Hi Skibum, hubiVue isn't web based application, and so any attempts to render HTML inside a tile within hubiVue may not work 100% - the Simple HTML tile feature, is simply a very basic attempt to render some HTML and CSS into native equivalents... so it is likely that it won't work as perfectly as a browser would display. A full and native embedded browser (within a tile) is on the roadmap, but at this stage, it isn't something that is available.

I had it working at one point using the local url storage for the hubigraph not as a device... Note the address in the browser. That should show up in Hubivue or am I thinking of the process wrong?

Thank you for the reply. I had a feeling that this was an issue.
Looking forward to further development arund this!

I tried.. that didn't work for a graph.

A short update to inform all that I’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue the hubiVue app and services.

I understand that this decision may cause some issues for some users who are unable to quickly migrate to another platform, so we’re closing services over a period of time.

Over the course of the next several months, we'll monitor the services and evaluate when the most appropriate time exists based on cloud hosting fees and remaining users.

A final update will be posted here when that decision has been made.

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Sorry to hear that @gslender , you did a great job with the app and the support you offered on the forum.


@gslender So sorry to hear. It's a great app and I know you poured a lot of yourself into it. Any interest in opening up the sourcecode for someone else to take over?


@gslender So sorry to hear this. I know you have put a TON of work into this, I wish you the best going forward.


A big loss for Hubitat users. This was a great app and really well supported. I hope it may still emerge in some form going forward.

I wish you well in whatever you next do.



How unfortunate, this will be missed by many on here. I wasn't a user of this dashboard, but everyone seems to rave about how great it is. It must have taken lots of time and effort to create this.


He said no to an offer I made. May as well say good bye to hubivue.

Wow, I wonder why... I mean @gslender made a great app, was hoping he'd want to see it continue.... Hopefully he changes his mind one day.

Difficult choice. Probably does want to see it continue but hard to just give away something you probably have a thousand hours into. He may still harbor some hope of resurrecting it in the future.

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I did not ask for the source, just to host the sync database so the app could continue as is.

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As I explained Tim, it isn't easily possible, and so you're going to have to trust me in that there is no simple path for someone to just "host" this without considerable effort on my part to re-engineer hubiVue to allow for that.

hubiVue is a complex application, with a backend system that is tightly coupled to Google Cloud services - as such, there is no other hosting option available. It is currently running within a free tier on Google AppEngine, and whilst that continues, hubiVue will continue to operate.

I'm sorry you're not satisfied with this outcome.


I will make this offer though. If someone is willing to invest the time to write an app for Hubitat and work privately with me to get this working with hubiVue, I’d be happy to open source the client app and continue publishing improvements to the app when changes to the client are made at various times.

The catch is, and I wish to be very clear, that a suitably experienced Groovy app developer for Hubitat is willing to build out all the needed functionality to replace the needed configuration sync and public endpoints needed to make hubiVue work.

If the community can volunteer that, I’ll publish the working modified client code under an Opensource license and take care of the App Store publishing etc.

I’ll leave the challenge of finding someone willing and capable with you :sunglasses:


Oh I don't think it's anything like that. We all just know that you made a heavy investment in the program and want to see it continue in some fashion is all. Honestly grant, you did a fantastic job. We are just sorry to see it go.


Second that! I do not mean to sound unappreciative.
I greatly appreciate the hard work and am more than willing to pay into this..

I was just disappointed as the door seemed closing pretty tightly. I say was, as now I see there is some hope. I am a developer since 1987 in all major languages.. I can handle groovy. I will see if I can get up to speed, and maybe enlist help from some more experienced here.


@thebearmay has contacted me and is looking into what he can do. Things are looking positive for a fully open sourced and community version