Request that ZooZ 4-in-1 Sensor be removed from compatibility list (warn users when they add these devices)

Habitat Support:

I don't want to whine but I'm going to anyway.... I have spent that last four months fighting with an unstable z-wave network (56+ devices). It has literally driven me nuts to the point where I was ready to abandon HE, throw in the towel and go back to ST. Today I stumbled on a community discussion about the issues with the zooz 4-in-1 motion sensors and "bam" I realized the cause of all my problems. I removed all five of these sensors and confirmed they where absolutely the cause of all my issues.

Serious ask... is there any way you could put code into the zooz 4-in-1 driver code that says, "significant issues occur when using the zooz 4-in-1 sensors that only support S0 security..." Honestly, this could have saved me months of frustration. Crazier yet, I sent Zooz an ask last week for new firmware, when I started to suspect these devices were the issue, and they didn't share how much these suck in HE.

Given this I do want to thank the HE team for all the improvements to the z-wave interface as this really was the magic sauce that allowed me to track down my z-wave network issue - zooz 4-in-1 sensors!

Anyway, new motion sensors on order, house is stable, and everyone in my house is less frustrated now that Alexa is not saying "I'm sorry the kitchen light is not responding"...

Thanks for listening...


ping @agnes.zooz

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I used a secondary controller to include mine without S0, given the reports of problems some people previously mentioned. Zooz could address this problem if they added a way to do secure vs. non-secure pairing, e.g., with a different kind of button press, something many S0 devices do (or if they added S2 so the hub would prompt, but I'm guessing that would require new hardware)--assuming they don't find this behavior to be a problem with the sensor itself, which of course would be the best fix if it is (but having a way to do non-secure pairing would also be good regardless given the overhead of S0).

Just mentioning in case you like the sensors otherwise and hadn't considered this idea!


Thank you. I did read about using a second controller to pair them. My plan is to move these sensors to my dad’s house and add new ones for my house... :slight_smile:

I was just hoping someone could put a warning (I guess that’s Zooz) in the driver to help newbies like me. I had a lot of things to move/convert to HE from ST and the last thing I thought would be an issue was z-wave stability. Anyway, just frustrated.... BTW, I have a lot of zooz switches and I’ve been very happy with them.

@bertabcd1234 is this non-secure pairing issue a C7 thing? I ask because I've been running 2 of these without any problems with my C5 for over a year - paired non-secure. I have a C7 that I'll be migrating to soon and since you look to have some recent experience I thought I'd check. I was under the impression that during inclusion I will have the option to deselect security. I have a secondary controller handy if needed.


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8 of my z-wave devices on my C7 (I have 44 total) are included with S0, including the Zooz 4-in-1 2.0 and a couple monoprice 4-in-1 sensors that are similar to the zooz (the other devices are contact sensors and garage door opener).

Can you provide more details on what problems you were observing and what changed after you removed these devices?

I am no expert but it has to do with the z-wave chip and more importantly the code the manufacture wrote for this chip (not something the HE team can fix)... given this you cannot disable S0 security unless you join it using a second controller. Check out this thread foe the details —> Zooz 4-in-1 (ZSE40), C7, S0

Note: On the c7, you are prompted when devices support s2... I’ve had no issue with that... just devices that only support s0

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Z-wave network would become unstable... the hub would no longer be able to control devices. A lot of times it would recover in couple of minutes but after a while I would have to reboot the hub.

Since removing theses sensors I no longer have any switches running at 9.6k (which was crazy slow - they are all at 100k) and I’ve had almost no route changes. The overall speed of the entire network is noticeably faster. Take a look at this thread —> Zooz 4-in-1 (ZSE40), C7, S0


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I'm glad I came upon your post because I was considering doing the migration in a few days but now I'm reconsidering. I did a bit of searching and reading on the issue and my secondary controller won't do me any good since it is a UZB-7 and I turned my UZB-3 into a Zniffer. I may mess around with Hub Mesh instead while I wait out a solution to this issue.

And thank you for the additional information on S0.

Disclaimer: I don't have any of these on my C7 yet (long story), but I do own a couple. So I have no firsthand experience at this time with whether there is or is not a problem.

Their removal from the compatible list might be appropriate considering the similar situation (but for a different reason) that occurred with the Schlage locks.

Hopefully these and other issues can get sorted out soon. Zooz is normally very good about these type things, and Hubitat for their part too.

I really like the Zooz stuff, but if large number of people are really having issues, their removal does seem to be the best thing to do in the interim.

Why do you think the UBZ-7 won't be a wonderful secondary controller? Mine is, so it makes me wonder what you're expecting to occur.

I have a lot of hubs and that results in a lot of ZWave meshes. I have to exclude/include to work on each different mesh, naturally, but I've never run into a "7" issue. I had been using an Aeon ZStick for the longest time before the -7, but I have not noticed any difference... other than the obvious.. a battery and standalone functionality of the Aeon ZStick that I can now put back in my pocket.

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I'd also ask, what firmware revision are you running on the your 4 in 1. You can request a firmware update from Zooz...

Thanks for the recommendation. I contacted zooz last week and they confirmed I’m on the latest firmware for my version of this sensor...

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I only have one zooz 4 in 1 on my system, I've never seen a slow down. But then again I dind't have 5 of them lol.

I have two 4-1 Zooz Motion sensors and have had no problems.

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In my correspondence with Zooz, they have a 700 series sensor in development. So while they've said they might be able to add S2 (which would allow dropping down to no security when pairing on a C7) to the current sensors, even if possible it seems that would not be a good use of their resources.

I would agree with the OP. The sensors should not be used on a C7 unless one is able to join them without security via a secondary controller. And the Hubitat documentation should note that. @bobbyD

I have four. All are decommissioned in favor of the Fibaro motion sensor. I was able to add two of the 4-in-1s with no problems, however as soon as a third was added my mesh would die a messy, inglorious death. I agree with the OP. These should not be listed as compatible unless/until they can be made to play nicely without having to resort to gymnastics with a secondary controller.

It works fine but from what I'm reading I'll need a 500 series based controller to be able to include the Zooz 4-in-1 non-secured. It seems the -7 will behave like the C7 hub including S0.

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I have 4. In my experience the problems did not start until I added a 3rd one. It did not matter which ones I added first. When I got to the 3rd one all my zwave switches would stop responding to commands. I did use the USB stick work around to add them with no S0 and so far they have been working.


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