[Request] Fronius Inverter Support?


Wondering if there is a dev that can look if any way to get Fronius info in Hubitat? They have an API that may be of use...




Also interested as I will be getting this same system installed in the New Year :smile:

I can do it... easy peasy

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I have a Fronius Primo and am using a handler I ported from SmartThings, though it isn't great. I'm not a programmer but I'm happy to help with testing, providing logs and debugs, etc. Just let me know how I can help.

Your Fronius is modbus. If nobody creates an app for you, I'm trying to interface my modbus devices (lot of them) through modbus => node-red => mqtt => Hubitat.

Few months ago, this was alien language to me, but it's not that difficult.
Ok, I'm not yet interfacing HE with my modbus devices but I can poll registers and activate relays through a cloud mqtt broker. Far from the beginning (1 month ago).

I'm persuaded that I'll reach that goal (pure local, not cloud) with the help of this community (tagging @kevin for that, he's the master of mqtt) next year (still 2019 here).

What does the SmartThings driver give you? Does it show current power etc as to take sure it's online?

EDIT: nevermind I just migrated it to try it out and I can see it shows energy, power, totalvalue etc. Good enough for me to see if it's working or not.

Hi All, I figured this might be useful for someone. I spoke to a couple of good mates on here namely @anon61068208 and @markus whom helped this non-developer (me) to update the ported Fronius code, its been cleaned up slightly with refresh and errorCode added so RM can be used for notifications too.

Anyways to access this code please sign up here.


hey mate, is that link still working? I can't get to it.

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Yeah mate, you will have to register to get it but it's working see here.
EDIT: this driver has been working really well too. It polls Power, Daily Energy and shows errorCode which is super handy.

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Thanks for this mate! installed the driver but any tips what i should be putting for inverter number and port? (just 80?). Sorry very new hubitat user.

Would there be anyway to include info from the fronius smart meter with this? The smart meter gives me consumption as well. model - Smart Meter 63A-1

Hello. The details are below. I don't have a Fronius smart meter but I believe there is a Samsung Smartthings driver you could port over.

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LOL blocking out a local IP is well overkill..... :stuck_out_tongue:

It's public. No registration required to get the code.

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What can I say IT Security habits LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks mate, sorry total noob. I've installed the driver. Should i be detecting this as a lan device? Or setting up a http get in maker ? All my xiaomi zigbee devices just detected instantly after installing driver

You need to select virtual device then select the driver and type in your details.

Perfect mate its working! Now to see if i can get hubitat to start my dishwasher/washing machine when it reaches a certain output.

I found this smarthings driver for fronius with smart meter so im going to have a go at porting it


Excellent, if you get it going we can post it up for all with the other one.

Hi all, I just added "capability "Sensor"" to the driver so it can support HubiGraph here. You can find the updated driver here.


awesome mate will test this out

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