Request for Air Quality Related Capabilities

Like most of us, I too and at home most of the time. I've been trying to integrate air quality monitors into my HE and in general it is working out pretty well. Common measurements of air quality monitors are Temp, Humidity, Pressure, CO2, VOCs, Particulate Matter (PM) and Air Quality (represented as a number). The first four all already included as capabilities in HE I was wondering if it were possible to include VOC, PM and Air Quality as well to make Rule Machine integration between Air Quality Monitors and Air Purifiers easier to implement?

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I was finally able to get a MCOHome MH10 PM2.5 air quality meter working but only through Custom Attributes since HE doesn't see the device type natively.

There are 2 threads on the MCOHome MH9 (CO2) and MH10 (air quality) PM2.5 devices

For those with allergies, asthma or when the neighbors have ragin fireplaces/firepits going, this would be a great device to have in the environment

@mike.maxwell, thoughts on getting air quality devices added in?


the problem is there are different measurements pm 10 pm 2.5 pm 10 avg pm 2.5 avg. , aqi etc. what exactly do you think we should have as a std. .ie.

It seems to me to be exactly the same as temperature which can be in C, F or K? If there is an attribute that is a number then it has a field for the units where you can define them just like temperature or am I missing your point?

I would recommend using custom attributes for now at least (I assume you probably already are though and are just asking for the additional capability). I incorporated PM2.5 and Air Quality in a couple of my weather monitor/service drivers that way. You are correct that the Units field would be the way to help distinguish what is being represented although sometimes it is not entirely obvious to the end user (sometimes it is better to make an attribute a string and just show the whole thing I would guess).

Do you mind my asking what device you are getting VOC back from? I have not seen VOCs reported by anything that I can think of.

@kahn-hubitat: You have the state variables shown there and you are correct, you cannot have Units as a separate part of a state variable. But that variable could easily be a string and display it as part of one (like the html piece you have shown is). Units ARE allowed for Events though.

air quality index will be added into 2.2.6, one attribute with a range of 0 to 500
I don't have an idea when and or if it will be added into the built in applications


That is a good one to know. I will have to plan on getting my weather drivers switched over to it when it arrives.