MCOHOME - CO2 Sensor Z-Wave+ MH9-CO2 in need of driver

Dear Hubitat members, I decided to try my luck with a Z-Wave + CO2 sensor (+ Humidity, VOC, Temp) (175 Euro) which claimed to be very reliable and able to control the ventilation directly , and I thought it will be great to have it natively in Z-Wave, but it appeared as Unknown device and no data at all after several Inclusion/Exclusion attempts. Please, any advice on this will be much apreciated. I'm located in Eastern Europe. Here's the Data after Inclusion

  • deviceType: 2305
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x86,0x72,0x5A,0x85,0x59,0x73,0x70,0x31,0x71,0x9E,0x7A
  • deviceId: 20738
  • manufacturer: 351

I didn't find many topics about Carbon Dioxide , apart from those about Netatmo WS and a few others. If You need any additional info, please ask
link on the Specification
I have my hopes, they will die last

If Hubitat doesn't have the "fingerprint" for the device (which you provided), it will not choose a driver automatically when pairing. Trying again will give the same result.

I couldn't find anyone using this device on Hubitat with a quick search of this forum, and I didn't find anyone with luck on SmartThings (it's usually easy to port a ST "device handler" into a Hubitat driver), so it's not promising, nor is the fact that at least one person reported there that the manufacturer doesn't seem interested in helping.

It is promising that it's a Z-Wave device and probably could work if someone figured it out. Hubitat has some generic drivers that may give you some of the attributes from the device, but definitely nothing that will do all of those in one.

Thanks a lot for your reply. I'm not so experienced with Hubitat yet, but from all those Z-wave Generic type from the drop-down list for the Device Type I also didn't find any CO2 related, only CO/Humidity/Temp. But thanks, I'll keep digging for a while

Hi, I have the same requirement but this is urgent and for a COVID-19 environmental monitoring requirement.

The model number I have is MH9-C02-WA/WD. I have managed to get the Temperature and Humidity data working in Hubitat using the AEON Multisensor 6 device handler but there is nothing in any of the other devices in the list which will expose the C02 data.

Can anyone help solve this problem please? Its really quite urgent.

Thanks in anticipation.

Hi, I'd like to use the MH9-CO2-WD (12V) sensor. Primarily to detect CO2 and VOC levels.
I have been able to successfully pair it and using a generic Zwave driver I'm able to report on temperature and humidity. However, CO2 and VOC is not possible yet.

Based on previous responses in this thread it looks like there is no SmartThings driver yet. Although Fibaro and Athom Homey do support this sensor. You can find the source code of the Homey Drivers by doing a Google search for:
MH9-CO2 github TedTolboom

I'm not an expert in creating custom Groovy drivers and would appreciate some help to get CO2 and VOC readings from this sensor in Hubitat. Happy to share additional information and make a contribution to realize this.


Based on the generic Zwave driver available in the Hubitat Github repository I've created a first (not functional yet) draft of a driver for the MCOHome MH9. See driver code and the manual for this device.

I can successfully use this driver to retrieve temperature and humidity, but not CO2 yet. I probably also have to set associations in the driver code, but lack the experience to understand how to do this in a proper way.

@mike.maxwell and @bcopeland Would you be willing to take a look to turn this into a functional driver? Thanks!

EDIT: updated driver code in this post with working version that reports CO2

In the meantime I have updated the driver code so CO2 reporting also works. Still some minor bugs, but the basic functionality is working. See post above for updated driver code or simply click here.

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Great job, thank you!
This made my "Eurotronic Air Quality Sensor" finally work with HE!
Temperature and humidity worked using the "Aeotec aerQ" driver, but this added the long missed CO2 sensor type. :slight_smile:
VOC doesn't work, but not a big deal for me.

Great to hear! For the MCOHome MH9 device it will show the VOC quality (level 1, 2 or 3) on the device display, but does not report this information via Zwave. Not sure about the Eurotronic Air Quality Sensor, but if it's similar then it will simply be impossible to add VOC reporting to the driver.

It reports VOC values in ppb and CO2 in ppm.
Also it has a LED that shows airquality in 3 different colours and sends notification of the type "home health".
But I'm happy with CO2 values to remind to open the window for some fresh air once in a while. :wink:

Can you enable debugging and check the device log? It should show all sensor information in one of the entries. If you share the value of the sensor type (e.g. temperature is 1, CO2 is 17, VOC will be another number). Then I'm happy to include this in the driver as well.

This would be nice, of course. :slight_smile:
I am not at home atm, but after returning in the next days I will report back.
It takes some breathing on the sensor to trigger CO2 and burning a catalytic lamp for VOC, so my presence is required. :wink:

Edit says:
I think this is what you need, did some researching at Silabs:


Thanks! If you could also share the log, then I have all required input.

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This is what happens when burning my catalytic lamp.
Will that be enough for you to continue? No more infomation from that that sensor type.


Thanks again and have a merry christmas!

Holidays came in between, but please check this version where I've added SensorType 39 to the driver code.
Please note, this driver code is only for the Eurotronic Air Quality Sensor, not for the MCOHome MH9 sensor.

According to the Eurotronic manual there are a lot of available settings that are currently not part of the driver, but it might just work without them.

Hope you had a pleasant holiday.

Was trying to add your code as a new driver, when saving the following message appers and the driver cannot be saved:


My bad! I forgot a comma when adding the new sensor type.
Can you try this one?

Thanks, this one seems to work, will give it some more testing when I'm at home at the weekend.

There's a small issue I found, "VOC" will only appear under "Current States" when hitting the "Refresh" button.
As soon as the page is reloaded, it has disappared again. No big deal for me, just noticed that.

Feel free to share the debug log. I'm happy to take a look.
It will require quite some work to write a proper driver for the Eurotronic device. It has a different fingerprint ID (which can be retrieved during installation of the device or by temporarily setting the driver to "Zwave tool", available on the forum).
Then all the settings need to be implemented, they are different from the MCOHome device.

Finally, some Zwave commands might have to be adjusted to properly report VOC and changes in VOC level.

There are no error logs at all. Each sensor reports reliably according to the configured threshold.
It's just that VOC is missing under Current States until "Refresh" is being pressed:



Just noticed that it will re-appear automatically when VOC level changes.

You're awesome, I am looking forward to this. :slight_smile: