Repair failed node neighbor discovery (report failed)

Sure but most people have tinfoil on hand... If for nothing else but to keep the 5g out of their heads because it's causing covid... :rofl:


So all my ghosts are gone! The last one was exercised today.

Question: as I'm seeing some remaining devices not playing well with my Home Assistant since I started demon removal, do I need to do a z-wave repair, etc. to get things to settle back down?

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A z-wave repair wouldn't hurt. For giggles, go to settings>>backup and restore. Click download button at the bottom. Save backup to your PC (this will clean it incase there is corruption in your database). Go to yourhubip:8081 and do a soft reset. After it comes back up restore the database you saved to your pc (not the ones on the hub). After restore is done, go to the settings menu. Shut down. Unplug power for 20 mins (at the wall not the hub). This will clear your z-wave radio. Power back up and let things settle for a few hours.

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All steps taken, now we wait.

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So today started out fine but now no device is responding to zwave commands from the hub. None. And the temp says it's at 141.9 F.


Attempts to trigger devices thru the Web UI don't register anything in the Logs tab, either.

How about a simple reboot of the hub?

Other questions:

Do you have any zooz products in your mesh. Specifically outlets or sensors?

What devices do you have doing power reporting?

That seems unusually hot. My C5 hub that is near the DVR is only 107 F, and the C7 that is in the basement is 105 F.

Where is this hub that it is getting so warm?

Do your Device Stats or App Stats (located in the Logs tab) show anything consuming lots of resources? Be sure to select all stats as shown below.

I have two ZEN15 power switches in the system.

I rebooted the hub, temp is back down to 111.2 F currently and devices are responding normally.

Which column in the Device Stats is resources being used?

So your question about the Zooz devices made me go look at them. I noticed the one for the washer has a Power Reporting Interval of 00:05:00 whilst the one for the TV (I use it to detect when the TV is turned on/off and trigger blinds accordingly) had the same interval set to 00:00:10. I upped that one to the same as the washer.

You need to let things run for a while, just after a reboot you won't have the best idea of these stats.

Also please post App stats after you let this run a while.

Again, where is this hub? Near someplace warm, like near a TV or modem/router, in a closet, or something?

How many of these various reports do you have set? Typically you only want to use one or maybe two of the many reports available. Typically most use Watts change, and maybe an interval. Turn off percent change, energy, and everything else.

The hub sits out in the open, on a halfwall upstairs where my server gear is. All open-air.

Both Zooz are identical settings-wise now:

The most recent thing I added was the HubConnect Hub Info app.


  • I've purged the system of the ghosts (it seems to run less reliably now, esp at mode change when it's sending commands out to 10 or so lights and six iblinds all at once).
  • I've changed the polling of the power report on the Zooz power monitor that goes to the TV. It makes the scenes much less responsive when turning the TV on now but if it helps...
  • I've answered all the follow-up questions re location, etc.
  • I've flipped the hub upside down to facilitate ease of heat dissipation thru the vent holes
  • The current temp has been riding at ~98-101°

Any other thoughts or recommendations here?

Still sounds like your hub is being overwhelmed. For giggles try removing any zooz stuff, just for a day... (Exclude it and power it down)

Can you post a copy of your current full z-wave details page without the ghosts?

Much better. Has it quit since you did this (kept temps lower)?

Like I said above:

And the Device stats screenshots.

It has not quit though it still had an issue last night taking down all the lights, locks, and iblinds at Night mode. Tonight I'm testing putting a one minute delay ahead of the iblinds.

App stats

Device stats

I think I would try a couple things.

I don't recall you saying this was a problem before. This can be very hard on the Zwave network to do this. There was an app published recently to help solve this issue. You might try this and see if it helps with that particular problem.

For your Device Stats, there are some things that are writing a LOT of stuff to the database. For example, do you really need to store 630 old events for your Sensor: Office Multi ? Or 3500 Ambient API events?

There are lots of these devices in your list that where you probably could/should greatly reduce the number of events stored (Ambient API, Ambient via WU, Outdoor Ambient Panel) as a couple examples. Go to the really heavy used device's Device Stetting page in that list, and crank the Events and States settings down. My weather app, I only keep 3 events. Basically that is the equivalent of yesterday, today, and tomorrow for the dozens of items stored in that driver. Personally, I only keep 1-2 of most events and states, there isn't really a need to keep hundreds or thousands of crap you won't ever look at again.

My other advice is that I personally suspect that Maker API has a memory leak. That is a very heavily utilized app in your list. Others have said this in the past too, but nobody ever seems to be able to catch this happening. I would try deactivating Maker API temporarily, and see if it helps. If it fixes the problem, I would work with support to have them pull logs from your hub and try to track down the bug.

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