Repair failed node neighbor discovery (report failed)

Interesting you have so many that are either 40K or 9.6K speeds. Not that it means anything, (they could all be older devices) but curious that you have so many of them.

Am I seeing correctly that 0x65 is routing through a non-existent 0x60? Besides being a ghost, that is weird!

Probably that one if it isn't showing elsewhere in that list.

Did you replace the device yet with a new one? You could try the discover option to bring the new switch into that old slot, IF discover ever shows in the Status column.

Is that what Discover does? Still new to HE really. I did replace it, but I included the new switch in the normal way. Or my normal way. Z-Wave Include. The replacement switch is 8B, 4th from the bottom. I had a feeling there was a better way to replace a failed node. My electric company has scheduled a power outage for next week too. I may air gap all my switches, or let them fail to get newer ones. :grinning: So if I were to replace another one, Hit Discover and then tap the switch as if the hub were in inclusion mode?

Yes, that is the way I am reading it. I suppose that could be an issue in some of the latency/missed events that are not triggering. There are no other routes through device 60.

I was trying to see if there is any correlation there. Doesn't look like it. Two recently added Neo Coolcam Power Plugs (Blue Dot 1 and Blue Dot 2) were added within a weeks time frame of each other. One is 100k and the other is 40k. Both were included within feet of the hub too. Literally on the other side of the wall, but then later moved elsewhere in the house.

Would you agree that the z-wave stick method is my only option here?
Would you also agree that devices 65 and 1A are in fact ghosts?
After they are removed, should I do a Z-Wave repair? I've seen elsewhere that I should really have to do that.

No but it is in my opinion the quickest and often least frustrating way. Although the Simplicity Studio software for the Z-stick is far from simple, or easy.

It appears that way to me.

Probably not needed, at least in theory. Zwave plus are supposed to repair themselves. Older Zwave don't or might not, so if you have lots of those you may need to do a repair. I would let things settle for a day (or at least a few hours of Zwave network quiet time) after doing all this and see what happens.


For Sure! It was a chore just getting that installed. Was thrilled when my last ghost just removed itself, after a little nagging on my part.

I do have a few of those dating back to when I started swapping out my switches in 2016. Most of those that have recently failed, or at least those that I have RMA'd through GE had a build year of 2017.

Thanks for the tips. I will let things settle for the night and maybe my PENDING status will just vanish with the device.


Update: removing the S2 from my iblinds has made them incredibly responsive and are now operating like I'd expected. I've removed every ghost device except 006 which refuses to go away atm.

I'll dig into it next week as this week is rather busy at work and I presume having removed a half dozen other ghosts will certainly help the mesh.


You'll find any rule involved with what made that ghost may still be a bit slow. Once you get a z-wave stick (I use the zooz 700) to remove it, you'll be much happier. Sadly the cause of this is not a Hubitat thing (or maybe that's good) It's a silicon labs SDK thing. They need to re do it to make it easier to remove ghosts.

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Big fan of the Zooz stuff so I'll look into that one.

29 at

Looks as if I need to use the USB stick method myself. After a few reboots. An upgrade to, a Shutdown and pull from power for >1 min. Nothing will get these two ghosts off the list. They are stuck in the PENDING status.

The sticks are cheap and a worthwhile investment. The software, known as "simplicity suite," is anything but. However, here's a convenient how-to document.

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Thanks @brad5. I have the software installed and remember it was a feat to get to that point. Luckily for me the ghost at that time did remove and I never made it to the step to include my hub. Crossing my fingers for a successful adventure later today.

Oh good you're more than halfway there. You still need to have the "real" device powered off though. That's usually what I find the most difficult!

That's part of my problem. I don't know what these devices are. I know for certain one is the failed switch, which is definitely powered off, and in the trash. The other. I think was a failed inclusion on the first attempt that succeeded on the second.

If they are ghosts of another device and I yank it, what's the worst that will happen? The original device (non-ghost) gets pulled too?

Do these z-wave logs mean that the device 65 (which has the route through a none existing device 60) still is active in my mesh?

I air gapped the couple of switches above and below device 65 and these logs came in afterwards. I was trying the Remove option one last time.

If you pull the power from the wrong device the ghost just won't be marked as failed.

The other alternative is to take your HE to a friend's house and do it there... that way anything you try to remove will show up as failed ince they're out of range. Kind of dramatic though! It may also take your meshes a while to settle down once you return.


Also try the wrapping in tinfoil trick to create a faraday cage of sorts


Having never gone down the usb stick route, my question and understanding may be answered if I just actually started the work. But I'm cautious when I start making drastic changes. So if I am understanding the above quote. My device 65 could still be active and a ghost of lets just say device 64. If power if not pulled from the actual device (64 for my example), when I try to remove device 65 via the USB stick method, it won't be marked as failed within Simplicity Suite, and therefore I will be unable to remove it?

That has been my experience. When you click on the "is failed" button in Simplicity Suite it attempts to reach the device. If the "real" device responds the ghost entry will not be marked as failed. Make sure you open up the log window on Simplicity Suite... it gives you some good info.

Correct. The reason is the device is still pingable.

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