Architecture to solve not all lights turning off

Minimizing variables is an excellent troubleshooting method! The ZWave details page will give you some indication if you are encountering a mesh issue.

I would consider Lutron or others than GE. What has kept me from using alternatives is I have others in the house who are flummoxed by anything with a switch. Anything that doesn’t look like decora type of switch is problematic.

There is another setting in the Groups that you might consider. It is the "Enable on/off optimization". If this is enabled, and HE believes the light is already off, then HE will not bother to send it another off command. Assuming that most of your lights are already off when you use this Group to turn off all of your lights, this can significantly reduce the network traffic.

But still use the delays.

The frequency used by Z-Wave (~900Mhz) is much different than the frequencies used by WiFi (2.4 & 5.0Ghz). So there really shouldn't be a problem if you are only using Z-wave. Zigbee, however, is much closer in frequency to WiFi.

So you set up an "automation" to fix a problem with another "automation"?

Personally, I would spend 10x as much money and time trying to fix the first automation. :grinning:

I've used Z-Wave associations for some secondary/tertiary switches in an N-Way setup. Seems to be a bit more reliable than doing it via rules. Of course your switches have to support it..

Maybe an app could be written to refresh a bulb/switches after on/off similar to @jwetzel1492 's excellent reliable locks.

Unfortunately, in this case the information Hubitat has is at times out of synch with the actual bulb state. I automated the manual steps I had to take to fix it.

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@pnajar did your second test night improve? I've always had glitches with bulbs not turning off in certain cases and i'm interested if your tests show it worth the effort to set delays on the commands.

Last night it worked perfect. Tonight I had two art lights that remained on. I'll adjust the delay up to 200ms and see what happens over the next few nights.

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Are you using the "on/off optimization" in your Group?

Just discovered this app.

It is great!

I am using the 200 millisecond delay and it seems to have solved all of my "all lights on/off" issues.

I don't think that I completely understand this screen.

@Dean- I've not had "On/Off optimization" turned on.

@Hal3 - I started using groups with a delay since @Dean suggested it in this thread. I'm at 175ms. I've been creeping up to 200ms since it seems to work for most. I want to see what the delay has to be.

I continue to have the same issue when trying to turn off all lights. Inevitably one or two remain on. I have all the switches in a group with a 200ms delay between each. I have a rule that flips the switch to turn all lights off and then interrogates every switch to make sure they're off. It will repeat this process until all lights are off and it times out after three minutes. Inevitably one or two lights still remain on.

Does anyone have a good solution for this? If a switch remains on after the program runs, all I have to do is go into devices and turn the light off... so it's not a problem with the z-wave mesh as far as I can tell. Is there not an app available that can do what I described above? But perhaps do it better... The process is so taxing on the hub that I have to have one hub entirely dedicated to lights and even then it doesn't work perfectly.

I've had the same issue and a similar set up of Z-Wave lighting Embrighten with 250ms delay. I've seen improvements in the latest firmware updates. I can also attribute some improvement by being careful to eliminate more than one app triggering the same lights at the same time. Since I have 80 or so controls I really have found myself duplicating actions on some switches. I'm in the process of rewriting my apps to eliminate these possible conflicts.

See this app in our public repo:


I just installed this app (All Off) and tested it. It worked perfectly the first time I tried. Off to a good start. Thank you for sharing this!


The All Off app is intriguing to me. But I have a couple of switches that I want to remain on. For example, my porch lights are Hue bulbs and I have the bulb turn off, but leave the physical porch switch on. This porch switch is z-wave and is set to turn on in the event that someone turns it off, but if All Off could omit/exclude certain switches/outlets, then I'm all in to use it.

"All Off" only refers the switches you select in the app -- it's a bit of a misnomer in one sense. It will turn all of those selected switches off, even if it takes multiple attempts to do so.


NICE! Thank you. This will make my All Off rule SO much easier to manage.