Reliable button pressor?

anyone know a reliable zwave or zigbee button pressor?

something like that?

Want to get one to turn on pool cleaner. Turn it into smarts.

You can try the Zigbee Fingerbot

EDIT: the link was wrong, now is corrected.


I just received mine after reading that conversation. Looking forward to playing with them soon

Can confirm: Zigbee Fingerbots linked above have been working well.

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the switchbot bot works well if you also have their hub and SwitchBotAPI Driver for SwitchBot Bot

But unfortunately this integration is cloud-based. However it could be 100% locac
with Home Assistant + HADB integration. I am using HA based integration. In my
case cloud-based integrations are no go.

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ooo, good to know. does HA connect through bluetooth to it? or is it able to connect to the hub on the LAN? (sorry, not trying to derail the thread, but this legit interests me since i could spin up HA again and use it local if it is over the LAN)

All SwitchBot devices are BT.
So, connection between SwitchBot and HA is of course, BT only. The rest (HA_HE) is LAN.
I started HA because I was using BT Beacons (not anymore). Once HA was up and running
I immediately realized I can get rid of many cloud-based integrations such as SwitchBot,
Ecobee, Tuya Vertical Blinds, etc. Few other integrations are waiting to become 100% local.

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Just got my ZIgbee Fingerbot from Ali Express... A little late for pool season for me this year, but I am going to have Hubitat set it to press the super-chlorinate button once a week for my salt cell. Looks like a good fit to make sure that happens since I forget so often.

This is the driver and it has a link to the device for purchase... Although I'd search on the site since that price is crazy. I paid $14ish with free shipping in August, and some other sellers are close to that.

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If you find much better prices on AE, let me know to update the top post of the driver thread.
The one linked now is linked to the seller who offered the first Zigbee version, hopefully, the prices have gone down since then.

I bought from the "Fingerbot Official Store" but they seem to be sold out of the Zigbee version like many other sellers on Ali now. At under $14 though, it was a great deal.

A couple sellers in the same price range... CenTechia at $19.80 and MoesHouse at $23.99

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