[Released] Button Controller 3.0


I am not finding a place to add anything like this in the button controller app, should I be trying to do this in rule machine?


Oh, sorry. Forgot you were using BC. Yes, do it in RM.


Can I also use the double tap and held functions of the button in the rule to control other settings, or will I have to create a new rule for each?


I am using Lutron Pico remotes and would like to restrict what times a button can be pushed. I have a night time routine and a morning routine using the same remote. Is it possible to add restrictions like rule machine has or should I be doing my logic in rule machine? If I should be using rule machine can you please fill me in on the proper procedure to do so?


Button Controller does not have restrictions available, so you would need to use Rule Machine. Just create a trigger with the specific button and action.


Assume that you have a 4 button controller.
Deleting the first part of button #2's actions will delete the actions of button #1.

Can you please fix this?


Please show what you are talking about.


First of all, see the next screenshot. Please note the compound action on #3.

Now try and delete only one part of the action:

Wowee! Look what happens: (it may delete other buttons as well):

In other words, deleting part of an action, causes the entire button action to be deleted. (And possibly other button actions as well).


Thanks. I will look into it. Needless to say, it shouldn't do that!


Well, I cannot replicate this failure.


Try again with a compound action on a button press.


What do you mean by "compound action"? If you mean having two actions, that's exactly what I tested.

I should say that this failure does not make sense, and I wonder if something else is going on with your hub. Please reboot your hub, and see if you get a red flag in the upper right hand corner.


Hub rebooted. No flag showing.


OK. See if you can replicate the failure.


OK. As per your request:

  1. Initial setup (It doesn't have to make sense):
  2. I want to delete part of Action for Button #2:
  3. Don't forget to select that part of the action to be deleted:
  4. Finally the result, (Not what you expect!):

    Actions for Button #3 are gone: POOF!


OK. Remove that instance of Button Controller and recreate it. See if it still does it. But, before you do that, please take screenshots of the app status page, ideally before and after making it fail like that.


I did remove that instance and recreated.
If you want, I will do it all again, and get the app status page before and after.
I'm now running a zwave repair, so it will take some time.
How is it that you aren't able to recreate that situation?


I recreated your setup fairly closely, and it doesn't fail when I remove an action.


OK.I deleted the child button for this button controller, and I re-created:

Which showed up in the app status pages as the following:

Then to delete:

Which showed up in the app status pages as the following:


And it behaved the same way?