[RELEASE] Zipato Z-Wave RFID Keypad

Hi guys,

I have ported over the smartthings device handler for the Zipato Z-Wave RFID Keypad originally written by SEAN BLANCHFIELD.

Big thanks to @mike.maxwell and @cometfish for filling in the blanks in my groovy knowledge. Please feel free to try out the driver and let me know where I can improve my code. I am a groovy beginner, others out there may well be able to tidy the code up.



Firstly, thanks for your great work on this driver, as the other keypads are no longer available this Is a great replacement. :smiley::smiley::smiley:

I am having some problems, can you help?

I have only 1 tag at the moment and that Is paired with the device and works fine.

What I can't do Is add users or user codes.

Here as some screen grabs of hopefully useful information.



Hi @Kev

Your logs are showing the tamper switch being operated. On the back of the device there is a small switch which opens when the back is removed. If this switch is not closed then it will not pair new keyfobs.

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Yes that's correct, I tried to set things up with both the back on and off.

ok, great.

You need to enter the manual code each time to assign a keyfob, so press home, enter the manual code, press enter. Then press home, put the keyfob next to the keypad, you then need to click the assign button on the driver window.

I have managed to assign all my keyfobs this way.

That's all fine and I have one key fob working correctly(2 more due this Saturday).
What I can't achieve is being able to enter user codes to arm or disarm the device.

ah, ok I have not tried that. I had to mess around a lot with the Z-Wave data as the hubitat built in parsing was not getting all the data. I probably need to do the same with the user codes. I'll have a look into it when I get the time but won't be for while, sorry

Much appreciated

Did you got this working correctly?

No, the driver needs more work and that's beyond me sorry.

thaks I hope someone from hubitat team realice we need a driver for this divice.
Since there is not a silgle z-wave keypad working with it, Hubitat's alarm fiture is usless for z-wave users.

Well, that's not true. We just am/disarm in different ways.

This keypad Is the only one I know of that's available In the UK, I thought I read In a post somewhere that HE had acquired one of these devices and would produce a DH in due course, but that was a while ago :cry:

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