Pulled the plug on SmartThings today

After about a month since my purchase of the Hubitat I finally have all of my devices ported over. All automations are humming along, so today I turned off the SmartThing hub.

My port strategy was to move blocks of devices over making sure each one was working. Then using Hubconnect I mirrored the ported devices back to SmartThings so I could keep all automation running with minimal interruptions. After I was sure the hardware part was all working well I ported all the automation over and after a few days of debugging everything is in place.

In a way its sad saying goodbye to SmartThings but it had to happen at some point. During the month long conversion there were numerous times where the SmartThings platform would be acting up. Almost like it was sending a message, so you think your going to leave us, huh? As I was deleting devices the app was timing out, or crashing outright. Lots of strange behavior but that is all in the past. After sitting on the fence for a year I am glad I finally made the move.


Welcome! I too had reservations when I left SmartThings a month or so ago. After all my devices were connected to Hubitat and this GREAT Hubitat Community helped me configuration some of my rules, I haven't looked back ! Hubitat is QUICK and Stable and I'm sure you'll feel the same soon. Best of luck!


Well done, would love to do the same but need a solution for the zipato keypad

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Lolo, I'm still hoping Mike can get something going with Iris ver 1 keypad. Big paperweight right now, but picked up a iris ver 2 keypad and working great

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Hello @mhutchy.
I'm glad that I'm not the only one who wants that keypad.
I'm planning on using it to activate or deactivate an alarm (with HSM).
How are you planning on using it?

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Hi @jtmpush18

I have finally managed to port the smartthings driver over so we now have a working driver for the keypad. I'm using it to control hsm alarm.

Driver released earlier today

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I bought my ST hub when they first came out. It was somewhat sad to leave but I couldn't take the degraded performance any longer. Most of the time, ST was fine but the final month or two was unbearable. It took forever to get my z-wave devices to respond. Now HE is the complete opposite. Actions are quick and reliable.

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