[RELEASE] ZConnect Garage Door Controller driver

I have managed to cobble together a working driver for the ZConnect Garage Door Controller, distributed here in Australia by Digital Home Systems.
When the parent and children are installed and loaded for the device you should end up with four distinct endpoints. One switch/relay in the parent and three child devices, one switch/relay and two contact sensors.

The code is available here;

Please bear in mind this is my first attempt at writing code so any suggestions to make it better/more efficient would be appreciated.

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Hi dazpad

Thanks for creating the driver, I have just got a hubitat and the zconnect is one of my first devices to automate garage door.

I did run into an issue with the preferences and updating the parameters in the unit, basically it doesn't work and it even knocks out the relay one auto off function. I have had to use the zwave tool to set the parameters and then switch back to the zconnect driver.

Maybe i have done something wrong, did your preference settings work as intended?

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Hi Anders

Glad you've been able to use my driver. The ZCconnect door control has been part of my HA setup for years.
It has been my one and only success in writing a driver and I did so by "cobbling" together pieces of code from other talented people.
The parameter setting section was a late addition. I felt it was necessary because there were so many options available with the unit.
I purchased another zconnect unit and created a dummy setup to test my driver on. I'm pretty sure I was able to change the unit parameters using the driver.
I'll fire up the test unit again and see what happens.
Thanks for the feedback.

Hi dazpad

Thanks for that, be good to know how to get it working as its my last hold out device preventing me from switching everything else over from homeseer,

I have tried my second device, a wallmote quad, never got all 4 switches in homeseer but works perfect in hubitat.

Hi Anders,
Have just posted a modified driver to github. I have done some testing on the functions of R1 and R2. Seems to work. Parameters change. Just be sure to use "Save Preferences" button and not the 'configure" button. The latter doesn't seem to do anything.

Let me know how you go.


Hi dazpad

Success, parameters all work fine now. I did have to uncomment out the child on/off 's as I could not get child devices to work with these out.

Also I have been using your driver with the fingerprint lines back in play, I have not found any adverse issue in doing so. You may want to try for yourself, possibly later frimware in the hub has fixed the issue you were originally experiencing that caused you to use the 2 step inclusion process.

Once again many thanks, I think I will start migrating my zwave devices over.

Just curios how is going your implementation of the Zconnect garage opener for Hubitat. The reason for asking this is because that I would like to use both ,dry contacts that I understand that the device is offering, for a driveway gate in order to open/close for cars and limited opening for pedestrians ( I.e postman, meter readers and so on). Additionally if I can attach some contact sensors to monitor the door or /and a safety beam that will be perfect if ever possible. Thank for your help in advance and happy to share any findings.

Is it possible to have this device stay ON when switched ON, at the moment mine will switch on and then toggle OFF straight away. I am hoping I'm not missing a simple parameter to set/change. Cheers!

The ability to disable the auto off is contained within the device driver. Set Parameter 4 (Auto Off for Relay 1) to 0 (default is 5). Click "Save Preferences". It should now function like a regular relay.

Too easy, I was looking for 'toggle' and not 'auto off'. Thanks for the speedy reply and the effort gone into this driver :slight_smile:

@dazpad Howdy, my Aeotec Garage opener just died and Im seriously considering one of these as a replacement.

I want to use a "normally open" security sensor to detect open and close states and the doco seems to suggest this will work eg "Open" = door open, "Closed" = door closed. I just want to confirm your driver supports this?

I have a large old school single-panel door and tilt sensors can be confused by its jerky open/close movement.

I read your readme and I think I found the answer - looks like this is my ideal config.


The driver creates 4 child devices. two binary switches and two contact sensors.
I use the first switch to control the door. The second can control another door or a warning light or a siren. There are many options available as per the advanced documentation.

I use one contact sensor, via a security type magnetic switch as a door closed sensor. The second sensor I use with a "safety beam" device to detect when the doorway is obstructed. It could easily be used for a door open indication.

However, the Virtual Garage Door app that's available requires an acceleration/tilt sensor to detect door movement and orientation, such as a Smartthings multi sensor.

So, to answer your question, the unit can handle all the controls and indications needed for a garage door. I have my devices arranged on my "Garage" dashboard. But, if you want to use the "Garage Door" device using the Virtual Garage Door app you're still going to need a tilt sensor attached to the door.

Hope this helps.

Cool, that was my intention too. I still have one from my old Wemo Maker setup.

Im not sure I follow you ... do you mean the Garage Door (control) Dashboard tile? Or something else?

That's right. I was referring to the garage door control tile. It provides a single tile for control and indication. To use it properly you need to create a garage door device using the Virtual garage door app, which combines a switch and sensor into the same device.
Below is a snapshot of my dashboard setup.

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Ah, that makes sense.

Regarding your tilt sensor comment - I dont care to know if it is opening or closing, only that it is open or closed. Will my config, posted above, do that with your driver and the virtual garage door app?

Yes, you can use it that way. Keep in mind though without a tilt/acceleration sensor you'll only have a reliable indication that the door is closed. This is because once the door moves away from the closed sensor it's shown as open, regardless of the position of the door.
In effect you'll have a (closed)/(not closed) setup, not (closed)/(open).
From a security point of view it's better to have confirmation that your door is closed, I guess.
I haven't looked at the code involved for a while but at one time I thought about trying get the virtual driver to work using two contact sensors. I ended up just using the tilt sensor.

Yep that’s why I’ll wire the security sensor as normally open, that way as soon as the door moves open it will show that.

I have the Sensor installed like this at the top of our large single panel door - these things are rarely anything other than open or closed due to the design.

EDIT: after playing with the Virtual garage Door app, I caved and when hunting for a tilt sensor - I finally found one in stock HERE.

If want an easy, cheaper option I can recommend the Smartthings multipurpose sensor.

It senses acceleration, tilt and temperature as well as acting as a contact sensor if required. I've found them very reliable with good battery life. There are dedicated settings when using them for a garage door.
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Ah nice, I wish I’d come across that before I ordered the other one, I might try to cancel it.