[RELEASE] Snapshot - Monitor devices and sensors - see status on dashboard, by notifications and speech

That's right, that's a Dashboard limitation. Can only select one attribute per tile.

Another question, please.
The following is a screen shot of my "snapshot device":

Does this mean that the device has an attribute called "snapShotContact2", and the value of that attribute is the text string: "Laundry Garage Door Sensor closed"?
Is that how I read this snapshot device?

Yes, it you were to choose this device, then attribute and then sanpshotContact2... Laundry Garage .... would show on the tile.

Not sure how you have it setup but the only time something should show up in a #2 attribute is after 5 items are in the #1 attribute. Yours is showing null in snapshotContact1.

New version on Github...

V1.1.5 - 06/11/19 - Code cleanup

could this app be used to show a device that has not reported in x amount of hours? i.e a dropped zigbee sensor?

Nope, this app shows current status. You're looking for Device Watchdog to show a device that has not reported in x amount of hours.

I still haven't managed to get this working, and I'm running the latest code that I just snatched again today.

I've tried changing the frequency, toggling the virtual switch, and destroying/rebuilding the entire app/driver ecosystem as well. My guess is one of my sensors is not supported.

Removed my thermostat from the device list... still no dice. Guess I'll keep narrowing it down.

Look through the devices you've selected and see if one of them doesn't have the attribute 'temperature'.

So I am just adding a single device at a time, and I'm seeing some weirdness...

Why would it split across to two different attributes?


Just seems to break when I start adding more devices.

oh also, (sorry I know this is rapid-fire,) but is three any way to change the color value of the blue used here? or perhaps put a blue/yellow/red dot to the right of the text instead? This blue is practically unreadable for me on various screens I have. I do like the option to change the color, but if we had more control, that would be sick af.

This was added when HE changed up the tile requirements. Each tile can only have 1120 characters, so now it automatically splits the data after 5 lines.

I'll see about making the color a dropdown.

New version on github...

Snapshot Child
V2.0.1 - 09/01/19 - Added custom color options

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Thanks! I will just make a bunch of smaller tiles :slight_smile:

Another happy customer, just installed the app / device and added a tile to my dashboard showing smart plugs I have and whether they are on or off.

Would you consider expanding to include these as options in the way you can choose switches, motion sensors, etc? I know I could probably tinker with the capabilities in the drivers to get around this, but would be nice if you could include them and treat them much the same as temp sensors with thresholds, etc. Just a thought....


I don't think I described my request clearly... What I was asking for was another list for smart plugs and to have their individual power output as the reported value on a tile. The power output would then have thresholds set in much the same way a temp sensors do.


Looks like a great idea. I've added it to the list of things to do.


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This is really great. Thank you for creating this!

One ask / question -- I've been trying to use the priority notifications to send a push at specific hours or modes (like right before bedtime to check the house). I figure I could use rule manager to trigger the on-demand virtual switch at the hours I wanted. As best I can tell, the Priority Check Switch only functions when the trigger frequency is Real Time. Any chance you could make it work independent of the trigger frequency?