[RELEASE]Shelly Wave 1PM Driver


This is a driver for the new Shelly Wave 1PM. It has an excellent price. Because of that it lacks some features like be able to run scenes on a switch press, but in most cases you just want that to toggle the switch anyway. Measures power, energy, amperage and voltage.

You can find the source here: https://github.com/reneboer/Hubitat/tree/main/Shelly

This driver is now available via HPM. Search by 1PM..

Cheers Rene


Should this be compatible with the Shelly Qubino Wave 1PM Relais? Or i that exactly what it's meant for? Last time i installed my Shelly Qubino Wave 1PM it reacted to Hubitats commands like switching on and of but when turned on, it would switch of after a second and then on again after 5 or so seconds. That cycle oon repeat. Might have something to to with the wiring in my 100 year old house. What do you think?

Hi @p.albright
Yes, that is the device.
Maybe you have some of the parameters set for the auto ON/OFF timers set. With this driver you can check if those values are zero (0) and change them if not.

Sadly, that's not the case. All the values are set to zero. The Manual says the blue and red rapid blinking means that shelly is "checking the power supply 230 V AC Frequency oder 24V DC Voltage". We have 60Hz 230V Power in germany. I bought the EU Shelly version in a german shop. that shouldn't be the problem right?! I'm stumped but also not an electrician.

As long as you have it connected per figure 1 in the manual it should work. Mine are and I am in the Netherlands. Unplug it for a minute or two (if you have not done so yet). If that does not help it may be faulty.


I released V1.1 of this driver:

  • Added reboot function. Use for troubleshooting only.
  • Moved setting device configuration parameters for update function.
  • Removed Notification report, not officially supported.
  • Added FirmwareUpdate report handler.
  • Fix for powerLow status value.

There is a firmware update for this Shelly device. See https://support.shelly.cloud/en/support/solutions/articles/103000258471-firmware-updates . There are several fixes, one is to report the correct switch status after an ON/OFF timer is used.

Cheers Rene

I thought Zwave devices worked out of the box because Zwave was so regulated...

Only if someone creates a universal driver that query the device and adapt to it.

I have two plug drivers that sort of do this, and also a separate tool to query for the settings. The way the HE driver system is designed it would be impossible to create a single fully universal driver, but one could be created per device type, e.q. switch, dimmer, power meter, etc...

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The device mostly will work with the generic zwave drivers included. The problems is always with the settings. There is no standard for that hence all the per model drivers. If they would tackle that is a simple way you could get far with standard drivers.

Cheers Rene

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The settings can be scanned from the device if it supports the newer command classes and they have the data populated in the firmware. Here is an example of a driver that can do this: [RELEASE] Z-Wave Universal Device Scanner

I have only seen it work on Zooz devices, sounds like Shelly might also be populating the info in the firmware.

That may work for devices that support configuration v3 and up as long as you know the first parameter and this is not always 1. I would love to have it all in generic devices, but I am seeing more variations than 10 years ago rather then less. So not holding my breath.

PS: Scan failed with a warning for the Shelly. It pulled the parameters, but not the names or descriptions. Without the Info option, it does seem to pull the names, but still a warning : "A range must have no more than 2147483647 elements but attempted 2147483648 elements"

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I have a dream that one day, there will be a protocol that everyone is using, new devices are recognized, where ALL features are working without issues and no need of the goodwill of brave developers, I have a dream.
I think I will keep on dreaming for ever, LOL

It is a sweet dream :smiley:

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@MrFarmer sorry to disappoint you the Shelly Wave devices have all the necessary data stored in the FW, if the data can't be retrieved is a problem of the controller.
Doing tests with other certified controllers all the data including the parameters (names, values etc) are correctly retrieved from the devices and presented properly in the controller....

They work with controllers that adhere to the same standard (specially now with the Z-Wave series 700 and 800), any controller that relies on their own integration to make the device work should not even be advertised as a Z-wave controller.

Are you saying Hubitat should not be called a Z-wave controller?
I thought Hubitat was very good for Z-Wave?

Hi @wave.qubino.help,

Are you responding here because of the ticket I opened with Shelly/Qubino about the issue with using this device at a greater distance from the Hubitat C8 hub? That should not have to to with this driver. Also main reason for the per device brand/type drivers is not about basic functionality. This is no problem on Hubitat typically. However, the parameter settings and options a (zwave) device has are far from standard and if you want to get the most out of a device special drivers are needed. The great thing about Hubitat is that you can create and add such a tailored driver fairly simple and not need to wait on Hubitat to update their code.

Hi MrFarmer,

Actually, I was investigating another ticket and came across this discussion. Regarding the distance, I believe I know the ticket you are referring to. As mentioned, the controller manages the routing, as the device lacks sufficient memory for this purpose. Sometimes, the routing may be constructed in unconventional ways, which is beyond the device's control.

While parameters and certain settings are determined by developers, all this data is stored within the device itself (series 700 and 800). Controllers such as Z-Wave JS, Fibaro HC3, and homee that utilize series 700 or 800 Z-Wave chips can read and configure everything correctly.
From experience I can tell you that, We're able to test devices under development (far from being released or certified) with the mentioned controllers.

We appreciate any custom driver that enhances the compatibility of our devices with other gateways. We plan to develop custom drivers for Hubitat in the future unless users take the lead in doing so. :wink:

Actually, it is unlikely because the device is probably undergoing certification, based on previous experience, since the Hubitat C-7 has already been certified. (products.z-wavealliance org)

But I'm wondering how some features like the one mentioned (reading device info) get pass certification.
Initially with the Wave devices we planned to add few parameters that would help the users that have a gateway that does not have certain functions and we were forced to remove them, because that should be a functionality that the gateways (certified) should have.

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