[RELEASE] RGBGenie Z-Wave Device Drivers (all)

These are the z-wave drivers.. The zigbee ones have built-in drivers.. It should detect the correct driver when you pair it

I can’t attest to the coolness of the zigbee drivers as I don’t have any of the zigbee versions.. :crazy_face:

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there are only generic drivers for them. zb-1025 so they are very basic then. look like I will be returning these also. :frowning:

Thought we finally had awesome drivers, but i guess only for the zwavee version.

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Check here.. Because it looks like most are listed with specific zigbee drivers not generic ones..

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But again.. I don’t own any of the zigbee versions so I can’t really comment on this intelligently .. But @gnant would know more..

I found the thread.. Looks like I was trying to nudge you towards the z-wave models..

ya but they did not offer a remote for zwave version, I figured the zwave vs zigbeen would have the same functionality but i was wrong, and the doc you linked to show i should use the dimmer driver and that does not give any control over rgb, so that doc is worthless as it does not point to a correct driver.

Guess i am back to the drawing board to find a solution for my needs. :frowning:

Reach out to @gnant before you give up.. It’s his products and he would know .. He is a great guy and I’m sure he could point you in the right direction.. His number is also on the web page:


There's nothing special about this strip controller that would require a dedicated driver.
The correct driver is the generic rgbw bulb driver.

What exactly do you think is missing?


well for one the documents at "List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation" list the wrong driver to use. it shows to use the "RGBgenie Micro Zigbee Dimmer" which is incorrect. that does nothing for the controller,

Yes the "Generic Zigbee RGB Light" works but is very basic functionality.

All other RGB, RGBW, RGBWW controllers I have used, have more that just basic feature that just change the color, brightness and on off.

All other controllers have effects you can select from like cross fade between colors, single color gradual change (Fade in and out), Crass fade between 2 colors, strobe flash between colors, strobe flash on single color, ect.. all of which you can change the speed and brightness of.

I see @bcopeland made drivers for the zwave version. and that has mostly what I am looking for, except I need it for the zigbee version. (As i will be hooking this up to my pool lights I am installing and need a way for guest to change color and effect, while leaving me with the ability to have HU automate effects and time and such as needed.)

The controller only supports one effect - cross fade between colors, but no other effects, so if I want them i would need to get the z wave version, but they don't make a remote that is z wave.

I am trying to stay away from adding wifi devices to HU as they always seem to cause issues, but the hardware is just what I want, most even have an app i can use.

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They don't actually, there is no zwave or zigbee standard regarding effects, these are implemented specifically within each controller at the manufacturers discretion.

I'll make a note to correct the part numbers in the list.


The only Zigbee ones that don’t have a driver currently are the ab-3009/3010 panels. :slight_smile:

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There's just one zigbee panel missing, which is the three scene color panel, the other two are done and available.


Thank you for the correction!

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Updated 2020-04-08

  • Major coding style improvements
  • Removal of custom child driver in favor of built-in component drivers
  • Future proofing

When updating to this version please click save on device preferences.

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Updated 2020-04-11

  • Added duplicate event filtering
  • Fixed typo in micro controller preferences

Was looking at these for some above and below cabinet lighting. Do you know if the ZW-1001 controller allows you to control each of its 4 channels separately or are the all on/off, dimmed together?

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It can be.. The problem comes in with z-wave compliance and direct associations.. I am planning a driver that would let you control them individually.. But you won’t be able to use direct associations anymore

Oh.. And welcome to the community

How soon are you looking to do this?.. Because it won’t take me long to throw together the driver.. I wasn’t sure there would be a lot of interest since it would break z-wave direct associaitions