[RELEASE] [PORT] Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor as Smoke Detector (GoControl/Kiddie SM120X)

The Kiddie relay enables you to connect a wired fire alarm system to pretty much anything. Using what others did over on ST (luder888) I used his directions to modify a GoControl ZWave contact sensor to relay open/close of my wired fire alarm system to HE. HSM sees this as a smoke detector and HSM rules can be created with this method.

What you need:

Directions on hardware setup

Finally the driver:

  • Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor as Smoke Detector



  • 1.0.2 - added support for Carbon Monoxide capabilities
  • 1.0.1 - added AppWatchDogv2 support
  • 1.0.0 - initial code port and modifications

Hi do you know if thir driver can handle "Carbon Monoxide"?

If your wired alarm system has carbon monoxide and it sets off alerts everywhere then you could use this driver.

Yes I have similar setup like in your first post here
Kidde SM120X
Kidde CO120X
GOControl WADWAZ-1

I am not a coder, may I ask you please to create new Driver or add on your driver CarbonMonoxideDetector?


Device Selector


Driver Definition

capability "CarbonMonoxideDetector"


carbonMonoxide - ENUM ["detected", "tested", "clear"]

Are you running two gocontrols? And yes I can make/update the driver to have an option to support one or the other.

Yes I have two gocontrols

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Alrighty I will see what I can do this week.

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  • 1.0.2 - added support for Carbon Monoxide capabilities

Was able to do it through phone

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Thank you very much works well.

I sent a :beer:

Thank you! Much appreciated!

Iā€™m using a similar setup (2 relays, 2 sensors), but my device shows both CO and smoke. How can I make it show as a single sensor?

It should show as a single sensor depending on the preferences you chose for a smoke detector or CO. The state will not matter as that preference will determine what is notified.

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Ah. Iā€™m passing the sensor to HomeKit via Homebridge and both are showing.

well that is a different question. :slight_smile:

You can modify the code and delete the CO or Smoke capability accordingly. This will require you to edit the definitions meta information to make the device unique named. Then just associate each device to the appropriate modified driver.

You can also filter out the attribute in the hombridge plugin configuration.
It is as simple as having in your MakerAPI config in homebridge (replace HUBITAT-DEVICE-ID with your actual device ID). That will make it only a CO sensor in the Home app

"excluded_attributes": {

This way you don't need to do a driver change



What @dan.t said would actually be the best method.

Yes, thank you @dan.t and @aaron.

Sorry for bringing up an old post, new to Hubitat (sorta) slowly moving away from ST (even though I am a Samsung User) as I like what I can do with Hubitat that ST has taken away. I also like that I can run my Lutron Caseta fans on Hubitat and I cannot on ST. So I hope someone can help me out here.

I have looked at this thread and a search a few other threads. I see this is the Drivers for the GoControl Sensor and I do see the Ecolink Driver in the groovy. What I don't see is that the Ecolink groovy driver has the CO code. Does the 1.0.1 Ecolink Driver have the CO code to work with the Kiddie CO Relay too or can I use the code from ST groovy in Hubitat and it will just work without any modifications? I have this code from ST currently running in ST and this is one of the few things keeping me from moving completly over to Hubitat as I have rules set up that if the Smoke Detector / CO goes off, it turns lights off, AC off and sends text message out. I don't want to move all my lights over to Hubitat until I know I can move my Dumb Smoke Detectors over too, so I can get these rules run the same way plus now use the Lutron Hub to turn off the ceiling fans as an added bonus.

I don't know how to write code, so I can't write my own code. So any help would be greatly appreciated.




Do you know if it is possible to use a Monoprice 15270 contact sensor with your code? They look exactly the same. I have 2 of them with the Kidde SM120X/CO120X. I think the external sensor though on these devices are not enabled by default and your driver does not have a way to enable them. I am guessing that the GoControl sensors have them enabled by default?

Yes should work.