Best Hardwired Smart Smoke/CO Detector

That is only if your community has adopted the NFPA's recommendations as their building code, which most have not. NFPA's code has required interconnected smoke alarms since the 30's but most places still don't have them. For example, here in New York State, interconnected alarms are not required. However, a recent law went into effect banning the sale of detectors with replaceable batteries. All detectors sold in the state must contain a sealed, 10 year battery now. After 10 years, you replace the whole device rather than replacing the battery every year.

Every place I've lived (8 states in just the last 15 years) has required interconnected smoke detectors in the local code.

So it isn't THAT rare.

But that is a good point that it isn't that way everywhere. I actually assumed it WAS everywhere (at least on new construction), so I learned something new today!

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They'll catch up to you eventually. :wink:

LOL. That was funny. No, I have my job to blame, not my legal status. :+1:


I just double checked....and the requirement is based on the power source of the building. If the building is serviced by a commercial or "on-site" power source, then hardwired, interconnected, battery backup alarms are required. But if the power source is not commercial or on-site, then they can be powered by batteries and are not required to be interconnected. Huh....that's interesting. More than I ever thought I wanted to know about smoke detectors in New York State. :wink:
Also, on-site power source? So, if you're running a nuclear reactor in your basement, better get those smoke detectors interconnected. :wink: :clown_face:


Uh oh, I better jump on that. :slight_smile:

Or maybe this (queue Back to the Future):


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HI I have solution like that
Kidde SM120X
Kidde CO120X
GOControl WADWAZ-1

My Hardware is done

But How can the Hubitat Will recognize GOControl WADWAZ-1 as Smoke or CO2?

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There were a few custom ST DTHs that made the contact sensor show up as a smoke detector. Not sure if anyone’s ported that to HE.

I find one here but did not test yet

But I am only see the capability for "Smoke Detector" not for "Carbon Monoxide"

AFAIK, there is no carbon monoxide detector capability. I think any z-wave or zigbee device that alarms for CO locally can only show up as a smoke alarm in ST, HE, etc. Not positive of that though, I’ve (thankfully) never actually had a CO alarm go off since I started using ST in 2015.


Yes it does.

My mistake then. @emersonvier I guess the driver would need to be edited to add the CO capability.

I have the Onelink wired that are interconnected via hard wire and they also interconnect wirelessly both of my detector circuits. I have too many smokes/pyro/Co devices for them all to be on one run. I wish they were connectable to HE. I believe the onelink devices are WiFi and BT.


I have onelink with and 2 of these:

Do you happen to know if the relay is needed for every smoke detector? I currently have Nests (which I will be pulling because google sucks for killing works with nest) and the only feature I will miss is the alert which tells you the room the alarm is going off in.

In my house I have all smoke detector connect with other, so you only need one relay.

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But that only reports an alert or all clear. That doesn't actually tell you which Smoke Detector started the alert, correct?

Most modern detectors latch the alarm on the initiating detector, so you can always tell which one initiated it by physically looking.

But you are correct - you wouldn't be able to see that in Hubitat. Not sure why I would need to anyway, though. But if you do, then that solution wouldn't work for you.

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