[RELEASE] [PORT] Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor as Smoke Detector (GoControl/Kiddie SM120X)

Hi all. I'm trying to setup a Kidde and zooz zen17. Does the blue and orange Kidde feeds pass 120v or a lower voltage level to the contact sensor?

Not 120V, IIRC. Should be pretty clearly labeled in the instructions that come with the device.

So, I got all this working for smoke events when raising in HE.

I also wired the Kidde CO120x (CO) the same way, connected to the Zen17 device on switch input 2, but the contact is stuck on closed in HE. My smoke detectors are First Alert BRK SC9120B and are connected through the red interconnect wire. Any thoughts on this?

I called First Alert,, they said I need Kidde smoke CO detectors for the Kidde CO relay. I'm replacing my First Alert detectors with Kidde. Just thought I'd share.

Hey guys,
I'm also a new comer to HE from ST and at the end of my devices migration - now just moved the 2 Ecolinks door/Window sensors which are used as Smoke and Carbon M. sensors connected to my house wired detectors. I did apply the Gocontrol driver to both devices, toggle the button for the Carbon M. sensor and it seems like things are working backwards in the devices view - Normal stat of both sensors is 'Detected' , when I trigger test on one of the detectors, then I get the 'Clear' stat and then it is going back to 'Detected' stat - Any easy way to swap them? Any other driver which I should use with the Ecolink sensors?

bump this one up again, any chance anyone can help/ guide me on how to update the code to change the detect / clear status? anyone face the same issue?

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