[RELEASE] Other Hub SmartThings Integration 2.0



I think device network id has a hard requirement to be a single string of characters for consistent parsing.


The DNI’s don’t contain spaces. The labels and names do, which should be allowed.


That could be a bug then. A set of quotations missing somewhere perhaps. @krlaframboise


Every device of mine has a space in the name and they have integrated fine. Very strange.


Apparently not the same for everyone.


All of mine have spaces too and I’ve never had a problem.

It might be an issue with one of the child drivers which would explain why only a few of you are running into this problem.

if you’re able to reproduce the problem, give me the name, label, device network id, and driver name so I can do some testing…


I’m not experiencing the problem myself. I honestly don’t even have Smartthings controlling anything anymore. :smiley: Just trying to be helpful.


Is it possible to use Simple Device Viewer as an App in Hubitat, and have it work without going through smartthings?


Now that I have everything ported over to Hubitat, all I have ST for is Action Tiles, Harmony, and Ecobee. Everything seems to be humming along nicely, save for an occasional Z-Wave hiccup.


@krlaframboise I saw your dialog with @MEarly on the ST forum:

Will you update this thread once you have the new version published? I have also noticed some lag for motions I am linking with ST. Thank you for your time on this integration!


[RELEASE] Other Hub Event Pusher 2.02

Some users were experiencing performance problems with the built-in Hubitat apps because of the Other Hub integration, but the latest version on GitHub should fix that.


This is pretty darn awesome! Thanks a million!


@krlaframboise I’ve got a Z-Wave lock shared to ST through OH and it works as a lock device in ST, but Smart Locks doesn’t seem to recognize the status of the virtual lock. Is this a known limitation?

Also, are you planning to release a virtual button DH in the future? Thanks!


Have you tried toggling the lock in either Hubitat or ST to see if that makes a difference?

The button capability is a pain to work with and there are some other things ahead of it, like adding Modes, so I probably won’t get to it for at least a couple of weeks.


Have you tried toggling the lock in either Hubitat or ST to see if that makes a difference?

Yes, the locks work as devices properly (the virtual device state is displayed properly and functions properly). I’m not exactly sure what the Smart Locks app is looking for or trying to do, but it doesn’t seem to get whatever it needs from the virtual device.


Is it also possible to get a presence sensor from ST to Hubitat? Using the webcore presence and want to be able to monitor it on Hubitat.


You can send presence from ST to Hubitat with Hubitat Send Hub Events app.


Thanks for the info!


@krlaframboise Thanks a ton for this app. Makes having devices across ST and Hubitat so much easier :slight_smile:
A bug to report though…
Using the stock Philips Hue integration, I have about a dozen bulbs on Hubitat, all of which seem to have gotten Device Network IDs like ‘9/10’ or ‘9/3’. Other Hub Event Pusher seems to have trouble pushing these IDs I guess because whenever the try to control them, my logs gets riddled with errors like “Other Hub Response: Success (Device ‘9’ Not Found)”.
It seemed to me like the ‘/’ is being ignored and the hence the device is not being found. Would it be possible for you to take a look at this, please?

Another minor request. Is it feasible to have the childPrefix setting support a childSuffix instead, if possible? Basically, let the user choose if the phrase would become a prefix or suffix.


Has anyone got contact sensors working within actiontiles via "other hub"? Actiontiles doesnt pick up the devices, my work around is to map to virtual switches at the moment..