[RELEASE] Other Hub SmartThings Integration 2.0



Yeah. I heard that.


You know what… Now that you mention it, mine were doing that for a while. I just thought it was a one way integration at first. Now they work pretty consistently. I removed the problem devices from smartThings and had them created again.


Thanks for the tip. Removed from the OH Pusher, deleted in ST, added back to OH. Now works from both the OH Web view and ST. Wonder what provoked it?


SmartThings… That’s the only way to explain it. That platform has become very frustrating for me.


Spaces in the name and label fields should be fine, but don’t use them in the Device Network Id field.


The “Send Hubitat URL to SmartThings” button in the Hubitat Other Hub event Pusher SmartApp might have fixed that problem.


The ST Multisensor orientation change events are not pushed. Is this intended?


Also, motion doesn’t seem to be sent from the Xiaomi Original motion sensors, but it works fine with the Xiaomi Aqara motion sensors.


I may be misunderstanding your observation, but this works for me: original little round (barrel form) Xiaomi motion (a/k/a “body sensor”) is paired to Hubitat and uses OH to create an “OH - device” in ST. Motion detected is reflected, via Hubitat, in the ST device and I can use it as a sensor in ST.


None of the “Other” ST Device handlers have the Three Axis capability nor is that capability part of the selection in the Other Hub Event Pusher app. Kevin would need to add that feature.


Yes, that is exactly the one I am talking about.

But for me, motion is detected in HE, and not reported to ST. Also, the device does not receive the default motion sensor icon in the ST app. Instead, it has some other “thing” icon.

What HE driver are you using for the Xiaomi Orginal motion sensors?


Right, that is why I asked if this was intended, assuming it might have been out of scope of previous releases.


I’ve got two on HE. One of which never stayed connected to ST but has been solid on HE.

“Xiaomi Orginal Motion Sensor” v0.6 by @veeceeoh


You can change the Child Device Type Handler in the ST IDE if the device did not get assigned the correct one. I had to do this manually for a device or two. Afterwards, it should update correctly.


This was one of the first things I did. I switched the DTH to Other Hub Motion Sensor. This changes the icon to the default motion sensor icon in the ST app, but still does not allow the virtual device to receive events.


Did you select Motion Events under the Real Time update section in the App on your Hubitat hub?


It could be naming? Are the two identically named including capitals? If so, try without spaces. I read someone else was having trouble with spaces.




Oh yea, make sure you Device Network ID does not contains any spaces.


This seemed to work. I removed the spaces in the name and the events pushed over correctly.

This is a bit frustrating, but workable until resolved. I have to go back through all of these devices.