[RELEASE] Other Hub SmartThings Integration 2.0



Yes, I have Visionic contact sensors on Hubitat; once I authorized the OH versions in ActionTiles they show up and report battery, contact, and temperature.


Show in smartthings for me but not in actiontiles when I go to authorise the device,...


I'm not having a lot of luck with reliability. Intermittently it works, but most of the time the events are not making it to ST. Given it works intermittently, the configuration must be correct on both ends.

None the less, I refreshed the endpoints and reconfigured, and still not working. Part of the reason I'm ditching ST is reliability, but there ya go.


So can modes and HSM status be sent to ST yet? I'd like to use this to continue to use actiontiles, the dashboards simply don't work well for me.

Also, I have bulbs showing up as virtual devices in ST, but not showing up in the actiontiles app. Anyone else run into this and have a fix?



For the virtual bulbs issue, don't forget to go into ActionTiles, select My Locations > Home > Authorize Things and select them from the list of ST devices that you want to expose to ActionTiles.


Is it logging any errors?


None that I found, but I've finally migrated off of ST so I'm not using it any further.


Modes is still on my To Do list, but I don't plan on implementing HSM,

I probably won't be able to implement modes for a while because I'm juggling a lot of projects, but in the meantime if you make all the mode changes in ST you can use the Official integration to sync them back to Hubitat.


@krlaframboise Sorry if this is an obvious question. It's been a while since I've had Other Hub installed because my "other hub" has been sold. Can I trigger a ST simulated contact sensor via Other Hub ? I'm hoping that I can so I can trigger TTS on Alexa via a ST simulated contact sensor, which apparently works.

I'm just wondering if this is worth pursuing, as I'm not able to enable the ST skill right now for some reason, so I can't test the idea myself.


Is there a way of pushing Button events via other hub pusher?

I would love to keep all my devices on Hubitat and push the events to ST (Locally wound be even better).

I can’t see any button category on the settings page.

Otherwise I love that this works..




If you enable the real-time integration for contact sensors then when the contact open/close event is created in Hubitat the virtual device in ST will change within a couple of seconds.


I don't believe this will be an easy feature to implement so for the time being you could create a virtual switch in Hubitat that gets turned on when the button is pushed and automatically resets back to off. You can use that switch in your ST automations instead of using button.

It's not the cleanest solution, but it should solve your problem.


Thanks for the idea. I will give it a try.



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Huh so both my Presence Sensor with switch and @cwwilson08 's Motion with switch are coming through the other end as switches. The Hubitat Virtual Motion Sensor comes through as a motion sensor.
Something in the code is identifying it as a switch and creating it as a switch in ST. I'll have to look at this all later. Maybe I can dig into the app, it's been a while :wink:

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Maybe use the code on the st side and tie together with ifttt?

@SmartHomePrimer and I were actually discussing something similar earlier today. I believe he is using assistant relay to trigger the st side.


If the device has the switch capability it's going to be identified as a switch, but you can easily go into the IDE and change the Type to motion or presence...


I write this up when I’m able. It’s very fast and reliable with Google Assistant Relay.


I wasn't sure if that would break the functionality. Will try tonight.


As long as you change it to one of the other hub DTHs it should be fine.


It seems like the hub is required. It's all working now. I just have to set up some practical announcements.

Thanks for this!