[RELEASE] Orbit Bhyve+

I found these regarding the 30 minute reconnecting that's happening. Maybe someone can design a better way to pull the data (or maybe it's ok to drop the log entry, or add a log level option to the app so they only show up if debugging).

Original Acknowledgement of the Approach

Response to a user

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Seems like Orbit added a new event in the latest software release. I just added a new case statement in the payload event switch to disregard it in Hubitat. It is in the new phone app so if comes up there and is needed, I can deal with it there.

Add a new case statement in the Orbit Bhyve Sprinkler Timer (Drivers Code)

around line 257 add this new line:

    case "fault":

Sorry I haven't had much time lately but I do also see the same in my logs too.

Yeah, if it's not really an issue maybe that's the best idea.

sounds good to me!

^^ I pushed a few small changes just now (PR here); I admit I haven't tested it yet but I'll get the update via HPM and let it run for a while.

Basically, this change will remove the following ERROR logs:

error - Lost connection to Web Socket: status: closing, will reconnect.
Unknown message: {"event":"fault",...

I do still log them but at a 'INFO' level which is off by default. You can turn it on in the Orbit app:

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Thank you everyone for the replies... @swade, what would that look like? Meaning just drop that in on a line by itself?

Thanks again!

Oops, just saw @jpage4500 dropped an update...

You guys are quick! :slight_smile:

I'm noticing something odd maybe? The water flow rate is never updated in the Hubitat driver UNLESS I "Tap for more watering details" in the smartphone app itself. If I tap that backoff, the flow data stops in the driver.

Sorry I haven't had much time to look at this. At a quick glance there is some logic to handle flow rates.. maybe this isn't sent anymore unless requested?

If you're curious you could put a log line in there (edit the device driver).. something like this:

        case "flow_sensor_state_changed":
            logDebug("flow_sensor_state_changed: ${message}")

Then, just make sure you have debug logging enabled and you can see when this message is received

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Ugh... ya... only get messages when I "tap for more water details"

I imagine there's some message that can be sent via the driver to get this info.. so it'd probably be possible to send it every so often (maybe while the valve is open?) to have this info updated.

I don't know what that message would be though.. I didn't write this driver - just added some error handling - so I wouldn't be the best one to figure that out. If there's a driver for Home Assistant though maybe it would be a good reference

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Not reporting volume. I have two B-hyve hose controllers. Which we currently use on manual via Alexa. One reports volume and the other does not. All of their settings appear to be the same. The one that does not report volume shows on and off times in the Hubitat log. It also does not show volume in the B-hyve Android app log.

Which is why I might jump ship and try a Rachio Hose Timer. There's too many complaints on the net about the B-hyve timers.

I've been thinking about Rachio, but not too hard. The inconsistent reporting is aggravating but they turn on and off correctly. We are on a plentiful well and water usage is not an issue for the small application.

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I've seen the Rachio timers and I do have a Rachio irrigation controller so I assume (but not positive) there's a Hubitat driver for it too.

But, FWIW I've got 2 BHyve timers and they work great for my needs.. I have them setup with Google Assistant (through Hubitat) so a simple 'ok google, turn back hose on' works every time.

The BHyve app is pretty slow which is why I rely on this driver

I'm using Alexa with similar result. "Alexa, turn on raised bed for 45 minutes." Works perfectly, just wished it all worked completely.

I hadn't thought about or tried adding a time limit to my google assistant command.. I'm not sure if I even could tbh. How do you do this with Alexa? I just have the Hubitat driver use 15 mins by default which is typically long enough

I have the B-hyve hose timer device added to the Alexa skill app. Alexa turns it on and then off after the requested amount of time. In the B-hyve Android app I have the hose timers set to manual and watering time set 2 hours which auto turns them off after 2 hours. I also have a rule machine rule set to turn them off after 2 hours just in case.

I'll add that Alexa responds to the command including the amount of time so you know it was set correctly.

Has anyone had problems controlling Bhyve devices recently? Mine stopped working via the driver. I can remove and re-install but wanted to see if anyone else noticed anything

My 2 are still work great