[RELEASE] Life360+

Mine too now that I look at it.

As of this morning, mine has started throwing these:

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 18-50-40 Logs

Thanks for posting this. I wasted 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get this app to work. I was missing the step to 'add user app'

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As a thought on this cmdHandler line 600 error, I modified the jpage4500 app code as a test trying to minimize or get rid of the error. the error suggest that the existing code is trying to access response data that doesn't exist. This issue might be due to a null response or an unexpected response structure. I added a "null" check into the cmdHandler method. Over the last week, the number of log errors I have seen (of this type) has been 0. Still early but maybe promising. As a second modification, in cases of a null response for example, I modified the sendCmd method to include a retry mechanism for API requests. I set the retry to an arbitrary value of 3 for test purposes. Maybe jpage4500 can review these thoughts to see if he thinks it may help.


Seems like the "clowns" at Life360 have decided to also suppress the speed from the returning data polls (at least on the 'free' version). Driving 100kph shows up typically as 0kph, sometimes 30kph. Most speeds come in as 0kph. Arggghhhh... Annoying since they are monetarizing all these locations.

Yep there has most definitely been some changes and these changes are showing to us end-users as a bad service...or at least worst than before.

Yeh. More of a "heads up" for @jpage4500 that the auto-polling feature of his app most likely isn't working as expected anymore. :frowning:

Need a sanity check - Is anyone else still seeing the "life360Tile1" attribute available in dashboard tiles for user devices with this new driver? I just finished a C7->C8 migration and decided to start updating to newer apps (coming from Life360 with States), and I'm no longer able to make dashboard tiles as shown at [RELEASE] Life360 with States - Track all attributes with app and driver. Also supports RM4 and Dashboards! - #37 by bptworld - that attribute is missing for me now that I'm using Life360+.

Ah, I think I figured it out! I started digging into each user device and found the "HTML Fields (tile, avatar)" option, and turned it on. After the next refresh, I was able to find the info I was looking for in the new "html" attribute that toggle surfaces.

Any update on this?

Last night I was wondering if my daughter was on her way home but I didn't have my phone in front of me to check the Life360 app. It reminded me again that Life360 doesn't have a webpage which seems like something so easy to add... so, I decided to add one myself :slight_smile:

I just pushed an update which gives this app a URL that will show members on Google map. You can find the exact link on the main app page (both a LOCAL and REMOTE option):

When viewed it'll show all of your members in a separate Google Map:

I just added this quickly and the HTML is pretty basic so if anyone wants to spruce it up a bit let me know and I'll try to include any changes. I'd also love to have a single Google Map with multiple pins in it but I don't know if that's possible without a Google Map API.. but, if anyone knows how to do that please let me know.

Anyway, let me know how it works!


It would be very nice assuming this could be then added to the dashboard to get a full picture of where everybody is at a glance.
Sorry, but I have no knowladge to help with implementing this.

This is awesome! And as always accompanies praise for what you've done comes a suggestion ...

Would it be possible to have different URLs for each circle member? Maybe one unsuffixed URL for the one map all members map, and then _Fred to show just Fred.

Love the idea!

Local: the page displays "{"error":true,"type":"java.lang.Exception","message":"An unexpected error occurred."}"

Remote: the page displays "3xxxxxxx-1xxx-4xxx-9xxx-xxxxxxx120bainvalid_token"

I made it so you can show just a single member. There's a link for a local and remote version under the user's name.

I don't know how long these tokens last to be honest.. especially the cloud one. I haven't had an app host a page like this before either so I'll try to adjust as things come up.

This isn't something that's meant for a dashboard. If you're looking for a tile on a dashboard there's probably other/better ways to do that as there's not a lot of space.

I've already got my kids devices displayed on maps on my dashboard but that is specific to HD+


That's awesome. How do you get the pics into the tile? Does it come from Life360?
And the question again (sorry for that) how can I reset the used icon in HD+?

I know you explained this in the past already but I can't find the post.


Update: Were able to figure that out.