[RELEASE] Life360 with States - Track all attributes with app and driver. Also supports RM4 and Dashboards!

It's in the latest release posted to Github this morning... I haven't had a chance to test it yet though.

Seems the isDriving variable is always 0. I'm sub'd to the driving reports upgrade subscription. Don't know if it's the device driver or the api.

getting the same error as before:

app:3222019-08-26 10:14:16.039 pm errorjava.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out on line 172 (getCredentialsPage)

app:3222019-08-26 10:13:55.868 pm errorjava.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out on line 558 (updateMembers)

please provide the full log for this app, I need a lot more information.


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Sure thing, will do when I get home.


So the link for the current location sends me to a test page: Hubitat Portal(Hidden token). Is this correct?

Where are you clicking on this link? Screenshot? Any location link should bring to a google map.

Any address sends to that link I sent you. This is from the dashboard.

I can guarantee you there is nothing coded into the app/driver to send you to the portal. Those links bring up a google map.

Here is the tile code...

theMap = "https://www.google.com/maps/search/?api=1&query=${device.currentValue('latitude')},${device.currentValue('longitude')}"
if(life360Paid) {
	tileMap = "<table width='100%' valign='top'>"
    tileMap += "<tr><td width='25%'><img src='${avat}' height='${avatarSize}%'></td>"
    tileMap += "<td width='75%'><p style='font-size:${avatarFontSize}px'>At: <a href='${theMap}' target='_blank'>${add1}</a><br>Since: ${dateSince}<br>${device.currentValue('status')}<br>${binTransita} - ${bUnitsa}<br>Phone Lvl: ${bLevel} - ${bCharge} - ${bWifiS}</p></td>"
    tileMap += "</tr></table>"
} else {  // Free

I just narrowed it down. It is the Hubitat App. If I VPN into my hub it works flawlessly.

@chuck.schwer @mike.maxwell @patrick - looks like there is a bug in the iPhone HE app. If a dashboard provides a URL the app attempts to navigate to the test-hubitat URL. Can you log as a new bug?

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Firstly, thanks @bptworld! This is a great app! I am using the free version of Life360 and the tile on the dashboard is great. It displays 'At: Work' and 'At: Home' perfectly. However, if not at either of these locations it dislays 'At: No Data'. the Life360 at shows as near xxxx. Is this normal?
Also, how often should this tile update by default? As an example, if my wife arrives home I receive a push notification from Life360 but the tile takes about 2 minutes to update.


I'll take a look at the code. It displays whatever is in the device attributes. When it is showing 'no data', take a look at the device created and see what is in there.

Edit: I took a look at the code and it does simply take the device attribute. So this is sent from Life360. Remember you can add your own places to my app so at least you would know some more places but it wouldn't update in between places. Limitation of the free Life360 app.

The tile is just a representation of what is in the device. The device gets its data from Life360 every minute so sometimes there will be a small gap.

Brilliant. Thanks for the info. I'll check the device attributes at next opportunity. I noticed that in the device Address 1 is 'Home'. Which is correct, I am home. Address 2 is 'No Data'. This is possibly what is displaying when I am not at 'Home' or 'Work'. But I will confirm.

Edit: Is it possible to add/edit the attributes displayed in the Life360Tile1? It displays the 'At' 'Since' and 'Distance From' fields but would be good to add 'battery' 'driving' etc.

At: Home
Since: Mon 04:33 PM
0.00 km from: Home

Looking more into the code... This is where the No Data comes from. So it definitely look like the free version isn't sending the data. Nothing I can do about that. :grin:

if(member.location.address1 == null || member.location.address1 == "")
        address1 = "No Data"
        address1 = member.location.address1

Are those fields populated for you in the free version? I didn't think they should up in the free version of Life360. Would love to see a screenshot of your attributes.

Post #2 has examples of the 'paid' tile.


I get this as well. The other day stuck in a traffic jam every time I stopped I got the No Data notification. :smile:
Not sure if there is a way round this. Maybe don't send notification if there is no listing of where you are.
Hi Bryan.
Could that be possible.
If place does not match defined places, do not send notification?

Ahh that makes sense. Good to know! I'll have to consider upgrading to the paid version.

Yeah, looks like the free version still populates the same attributes. I noticed your tile earlier in the post, and another users had battery. But the Life360Tile1 I have doesn't show those attributes in the device. See below. 'XXXX' instead of any personal info.

Current States

  • address1 : Home

  • address2 : No Data

  • avatar : XXX

  • battery : 41

  • charge : false

  • distanceKm : 0.0

  • distanceMetric : 4.05

  • distanceMiles : 0.0

  • history : Waiting for Data...

  • inTransit : false

  • isDriving : false

  • lastCheckin : 1568631101

  • lastUpdated : 09-16 - 9:01:58 PM

  • latitude : XXXX

  • life360Tile1 : At: Home
    Since: Mon 04:33 PM
    0.00 km from: Home

  • longitude : XXXX

  • powerSource : BTRY

  • presence : present

  • prevAddress1 : No Data

  • savedPlaces : [Home,Work,Work]

  • since : 1568615605

  • sleeping : not sleeping

  • speedKm : 2.09

  • speedMetric : 0.58

  • speedMiles : 1.3

  • status : 0.00 km from: Home

  • wifiState : false

  • display : present, not sleeping

  • lastLocationUpdate : Last location update on: 09/16/2019 @ 8:51:59 PM

Awesome, thanks. I'll update the app today to show the same info for both paid and free tiles. Also, I noticed in 'saved places' you have 'work' twice. I assume one is from Life360 and the other is one that you added? Might want to go in and remove the one that was added.

Thinking I should be able to do something with the lat, long in the free version to give something other than 'No Data' too. I do this now for the 'added places'. Will have to look into this at some point.

New version on Github...

v1.1.5 - 09/16/19 - Updated 'free' tile to show more data points

Edit: I missed a line, if you updated in the last 5 minutes... update again! lol


The free version of Life360 only has 1 templated 'work' place. If I set this to my work for some reason if my wife logs in to her Life360 the same 'work' template shows my work that I set. So she created a new place with her work address and also labelled it 'work'. Looks confusing but this way it shows both my tile and my wifes tile as 'At: Work' if either of us are at work.

That would be brilliant if you could! If it said something like 'between places' other than 'no data' that would be awesome.

Thanks again for all your work on this and being so helpful with matters like this. It really means a lot to end users like myself to have these features, but means even more to have someone that is so quick to offer support!


Love the new tile. Thanks for your update. 'At' being linked to maps is brilliant!

Do you know why the 'distance from' field responds to the Distance Unit in the device settings but the 'Moving' does not?
You can see that one is Km and the other is Mph. I have set both devices to Km and also tried using the Distance option above.