[RELEASE] Life360 with States - Track all attributes with app and driver. Also supports RM4 and Dashboards!

New version on Github...

v1.1.6 - 09/20/19 - Small changes to tile code, rewrite of the History Log code

@bptworld. Thanks, Bryan!! That's amazing. I'm so grateful for you taking the time to make those changes.
I now have all attributes in KM's and a new 'Between Places' when we are not at 'Home', 'Work' or any other labelled places.
Such a good App!


@bptworld and @sam.ed.jones

How do I go about enabling the Between Places? I have all the latest drivers installed but instead of showing Between Places, it shows the actual place, which is not a labeled place. Here is screenshot:

US Hwy 281 is not defined anywhere in Life360.

Have Paid version too.

You can't, the paid version will always show where you are even if it's not one of your saved places. That's one of the benefits of having the paid version of Life360.

The free version doesn't show anything (null), so I was asked to show 'Between Places' instead.


Ok. I understand now. Sorry for the false start.....

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How do you create an avatar or picture in the tile, it appears I'm not smart enough to figure it out?

Set an avatar in the life 360 app on your phone

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Ahhh, yes. That worked, Thanks!


@bptworld I've installed the latest version of this... not sure what i'm doing wrong to set this up... but I'm seeing an error in the logs...

Circle, Place and Members are populated within the App setup.

Life360 with States v2.0.0
Life360 container v1.0.2
Life360 user v1.1.6

app:3632019-10-07 21:49:44.088 debugIn listCircles...

app:3632019-10-07 21:49:44.073 debugIn getCredentialsPage...

app:3632019-10-07 21:47:56.799 debugIn setVersion - App Watchdog Parent app code

app:3632019-10-07 21:47:56.148 debugIn listUsers...

app:3632019-10-07 21:47:55.633 debugIn listPlaces...

app:3632019-10-07 21:47:55.619 debugCircles: [circles:[[id:83bcbcbc-d29a-1111-b728-880047d26dd6, name:Family, color:7f26c2, type:basic, createdAt:1569868007, memberCount:1, unreadMessages:0, unreadNotifications:0, features:[ownerId:null, skuId:null, premium:0, locationUpdatesLeft:0, priceMonth:0, priceYear:0, skuTier:null]]]]

app:3632019-10-07 21:47:55.087 debugAccessToken: YTU0Y2E3MDktNDgwNC01010101YTM1LThlMGMTE5Y2E4111WE2

app:3632019-10-07 21:47:55.083 debugIn testLife360Connection - Good!

app:3632019-10-07 21:47:55.080 debugIn testLife360Connection...

app:3632019-10-07 21:47:55.072 debugIn listCircles...

app:3632019-10-07 21:47:55.058 debugIn getCredentialsPage...

app:3632019-10-07 21:07:25.430 errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method getChildDevice() on null object on line 630 (placeEventHandler)

app:3632019-10-07 21:07:25.394 debugLife360 placeEventHandler: settings.place=86c6db14-0022-4365-ad91-0275723de1a6

app:3632019-10-07 21:07:25.388 debugLife360 placeEventHandler: params=[access_token:acacacac-2bb5-4865-bf7c-acacacac, placeId:86cacacac-0022-4365-acacac-0275723de1a6, circleId:acacacacaca-d29a-4ced-acacac-880047d26dd6, userId:acacacac-acacac-4b2b-bca2-03d80323281d, direction:in]

app:3632019-10-07 20:15:13.490 errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method getChildDevice() on null object on line 630 (placeEventHandler)

app:3632019-10-07 20:15:13.477 debugLife360 placeEventHandler: settings.place=86c6db14-0022-4365-ad91-0275723de1a6

app:3632019-10-07 20:15:13.470 debugLife360 placeEventHandler: params=[access_token:9fa072c9-2bb5-4865-bf7c-b330092b062a, placeId:86c6db14-acacac-4365-ad91-0275723de1a6, circleId:acacac-d29a-4ced-acacac-880047d26dd6, userId:acacac-a9ea-4b2b-acacac-03d80323281d, direction:out]

After you updated, did you go into the app, scroll down and hit 'done'? This will create the new devices for each member selected. To be sure they are there, go to 'Devices', 'Life360 Members', ... there should be a device for each member within this container. Be sure to go into each device and select your options!

What child app? :thinking:. I think I followed the instructions correctly...??

I’ve installed:

Life360 with States (as an app)

Life360 Container (as a driver)

Life360 User (as a driver)

Fixed post, should say 'Did you go into the app, scroll down and hit 'done'?'

Either way, did you verify that the devices were created?

Yes I’ve clicked done and the log file looks positive. I can see a Life 360 user (me).

So what should I be able to see now on a dashboard if I was to create one - what device/object and fields should I be able to extract?

Thanks for your help!

@bptworld Bryan, I have a weird thing going on here. I have the paid version selected. I have a zone set up for my wife's work that covers the whole building. It is a long building and she travels from one end to the other. I have checked to see if she is staying inside the circle and she is.

Here is the weird. When she goes from one end to the other (inside circle) it announces she has arrived at her work. Then when she goes to the other end of the building (inside circle) it announces it again.

Why would it announce she has arrived twice just because she went from one side of the circle to the other?

Also, it did it with the free selection. The zone is the same size as the paid one in life360.

Check the Life360 phone app, is it seeing her go in and out of the zone? My app just responds to what the phone app sends it.

Go to the device and you'll see all the available States on the right hand side.

I had some duplicated container and user devices - removed them. Clicked refresh on the user device and bingo all the data came in... making the dashboard more meaningful!

Thank you again!

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I wonder if it could be that she is a little too close to the edge of the circle. The edge is about 150' more or less from where it shows her. I will increase circle a little and see if that makes a difference.

@bptworld I have another question. If I change the Version in the child from Free to Paid is there something else that has to be done to get it to switch? I changed the setting in the wife's from free to paid, while she was still in the circle at work, and it never announced when she left. Thanks

SGA: If you want notifications from Life360 on arrivals and departures, the Alexa Life360 skill is AWESOME for that. Rather than using HE to make announcements, I set it up on Alexa (since we have one in every room). When my wife leaves work, I get a notification on my Alexa devices. It has only failed once because she accidentally put her phone in airplane mode. LOL

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