[RELEASE] Life360 with States - Track all attributes with app and driver. Also supports RM4 and Dashboards!

Yea, I don't use amazon or google devices. I switched to the new sonos equivalent. On everything else the sonos ones have never missed a beat. I am wondering if there is something going on when you switch from paid to free or vice versa. Bryan I'm sure will chime in.

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It works on those too. :slight_smile:

When you say it works on those too, do you have these sonos speakers? Have you switched between paid and free in the child app for the tracker and the sonos work?

The Sonos Ones (the ones that have both Assistant and Alexa built in). Yeah, I have 3 of them and yes, I've flipped between paid and free a couple of times while I was goofing with the integration.

What got me about using HE for the notifications was the irregularity in volume in announcements on Sonos. So, I hooked up the Life360 skill to Echo and use Bryan's integration to run HE events based upon where me and my wife are. So, I have a location for the grocery store (silly, I know). It the temp is above 85 and we get to the grocery, I have HE turn on the fan in our laundry room (where our extra fridge and freezer are) to cool it down before we get home (it's an outdoor laundry room).

Oh, ok, you have the original sonos speakers. I will just have to see what Bryan has to say. What I like about tracker is that it has a speaker volume control built in. My sonos equiv's do respond to the change in volume.

Are you thinking the Sonos Play-1? I'm talking about these: https://www.sonos.com/en-us/shop/one.html

Are there newer ones (besides the Ikea ones and the Move)?

I would remove the child app and start fresh and you need to change the version. This was brought up a while back and seems to be the best way to do it.


@bptworld Thanks. I checked and I have all the latest versions. I will give that a try and let you know about removing and re-installing the child app. I am wondering, that is why I am doing this, if stopping the paid version would be a good idea. As far as life360 I would only be able to have 2 places if I quit the paid version. That is OK because I can set the zone with just one of the places and set the radius accordingly in the free part. I assume that is what everyone is doing.

Do you know of any repercussions on going to the free and stopping the paid? I wonder if I would have to re-sign up in life360 if I stop the paid?

I was thinking of the Play 1 but I didn't think those had anything extra built in. The one you referenced above I didn't know existed.

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Sorry, I would have no idea. I've been using the paid version for years and wouldn't even think about not having it on my daughters phone. It's great knowing where she is without nagging her about it. :wink:

HOW did you convince her to accept it?! I've been trying to get my son to understand that he has to run it for his presence to work properly and he just complains. LOL

lol, she's 12. She either uses it or she doesn't have a phone.

But really, she doesn't know the difference. Before Hubitat, I was a Homeseer user for over 10 years. She has grown up in a house that things just happen. To her, this is all 'normal'!

Plus, it works both ways... she likes being able to see where we are too.

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Ahhhh, ok. My son is 22 and while he has the app on his phone, he keeps freezing it. LOL

@bptworld The only reason I asked is if you have the free version of the app on your phone you can only set up 2 places on their website. Which is fine because you only need one to go in and pick a place you want, set the zone size, and then in your app use that info to set up the free places.
The paid one is easier because it has unlimited places and you can see the zones. So I guess I will go back to paid. Thanks

@bptworld Bryan, does this mean anything?

app:30592019-10-09 07:42:36.887 am infoLife360 Tracker (v2.0.2) - HISTORY: null

This morning I deleted the wife child app and re-created it. I selected the paid version. It didn't announce when she arrived at her destination. Is there anything else I need to check or wait to see if this evening works?

With no logs, I would have no idea. One line doesn't tell me anything.

@bptworld Sorry, I made the same mistake as others and not giving you any info. I will turn on the logs and wait until this evening and if occurs again I will have the logs for you.

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@bptworld I am including an entry here so others might benefit if you find something. I sent you a PM on the logs. Too many for the forum.

I feel like I am missing something really big here :confused:
I have installed the code and I think set it up correct, but now how do I have the tile with all the info on the dsahboard? I can not see anything about how to fully set this up in the readme.

  • setup app
  • go to the device created in app and setup device
  • be sure to see that the device is updating and the State, 'Life360 Tile1' has data in it!
  • CLOSE all dashboards!
  • open dashboard
  • 'add a tile'
  • 'pick a device' - select the device created by the app
  • 'pick a template' - select 'attribute'
  • 'pick an attribute' - select 'Life360 Tile1'