[RELEASE] Life Event Calendar - Never miss an important Life Event again! Schedule reminders easily and locally

Introducing 'Life Event Calendar'
Never miss an important Life Event again! Schedule reminders easily and locally.

Reminder: This is a beta app. While this is a working app, there are more options to come!

  • Set reminders by date/time
  • Send speech/push when triggered
  • Repeat Options
  • Create child apps for different categories - Birthdays, special events, ect.
  • More to come!

Apps can be found on my GitHub or by using Bundle Manager.

When reporting problems...

  • Be sure you are on the latest version. I won't troubleshoot an older version.
  • Turn on debug and screenshot the issue happening in the log. One line or just the error doesn't cut it. I need a log.
  • Post the screenshot of the log with an explanation of the problem.



Repeating events - every week or 2 weeks, etc would be great.

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New version available...

1.0.1 - 03/27/22 - Fixed schedules overwriting each other. Added 'repeat in x days'.

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#1 When do you consider a date/time "event" finished - the next day?
#2 Editing "selecting" (childs) dates and times seems somewhat very confusing or not intuitive?
#3 What is supposed to show up the dashboard window using attributes next event "coming soon"?

#1. Right now it's right away or when (today's) repeating is finished.
#2. Why? Click the little 'calendar' and select your date, then click the little 'clock' and select your time.
#3. This is released as a Beta. These are features that are 'coming soon'. So you'll just have to wait.

Nice work Bryan, quick to market :wink:

If I can make one suggestion, the "Life Event..." reference is nice and may grab peoples attention, but it may cloud (pun intended) peoples understanding that this is essentially a locally hosted calendar, for any type of event, including whether you are working from home or the office.

I have a notification Zigbee outlet/switch tied to the child time/date.
I have noticed the following:
With Repeat Notifications "Set" (Day of Trigger) - Life events will trigger an "on/off" on my notification output device, in my case, is a Zigbee outlet/switch.
With Repeat Notifications "NOT set" - Life events will trigger On and keep it ON my notification output device, in my case, is a Zigbee outlet/switch.
Is this the correct operation you intended?
BTW ... Good App Bryan!

New version available...

03/31/22 - Added optional 'delay' between commands. Now displays the Next Event and the Next 3 Events in the Data Device.

Possible app enhancements :wink:
#1 For fast "child" event deployment - a copy/clone child button would be very helpful.
Note: You already have a parent copy/clone button.
#2 On child app name also show the date/time of the life event
#3 Also on the child app name show, in color or asterisk, if the life event has been processed.

  1. Can't do it. We don't have access to the tools needed to do this.
    Note: What the heck is a 'parent copy/clone button'?? :man_shrugging:

  2. & 3. Each child app can have unlimited events scheduled, So there isn't a specific date/time to show in the Name

Quote: "Note: What the heck is a 'parent copy/clone button'?? "

Under APPS
Click on a parent "Life Event Calendar"
Then click on setup wheel/tools on the right side.
You will see the Export/Import/Clone Button on the top left of the window. :wink:
Again, Bryan good app!

Ah! That has nothing to do with LEC... that's something HE added to all apps. Again, they have more 'Tools' than we do. That was put in for the default apps, might work... might not. :wink:


Any future enhancements upcoming especially displaying pending calendar events on the dashboard?

Lots of enhancements coming.. next up is an end date/time. When set, events can span multiple consecutive days. NO time frame on when this will be ready, this is a hobby, not a job. :wink:

You can already do this. There are attributes in the data device now showing the next event and another showing the next three.

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Quick question - Do we need both Title and Description? I finding that I'm putting the same thing in the Title and Description.


I can't claim to be using your driver Bryan, so take my input as you wish.... But one thought I had was that if you wanted to use the Calendar to send any notifications when the event occurs or leading up to it, a description could provide a slightly longer set of text to include in the notification....

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I went to install this via HPM and searched for Calendar, but didn't find this. When I searched under bptworld I found that this is called "Life Event Reminder" in HPM. But when installed, the app shows up as "Life Event Calendar".

Is there any way I can access (from a rule) the Title or Description of the triggered event that turned on the additional switch? E.g., can it be stored in the switch?

EDIT: I'd need the Description, since the Title has to be unique. I'm hoping to use the Description as a value to select an appropriate scene for some lighting.

Sure, it'll be part of the 'big' update that I'm working on. :wink:

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I'd say yes, since Title needs to be unique.

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