[PROJECT] Local Dashboard Calendar Editor and Triggers

Placeholder for release if it happens....

I am looking to build a simple calendar editor that can be placed on a dashboard, allowing for selection of dates and times that can be stored in a local file for later use in triggering automations in HE.

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On the positive side I have put together an entry form for a dashboard tile.

Any experience setting the dates in a datepicker would be greatly appreciated. Maybe @jshimota... ? Trying to use setDates, but it doesn't seem to work the way I need... It does appear to be more trouble than it's worth.... for a developer that is...


Yep, but like I said before I am more than willing to part with some Moolah :grinning:

Unless it's done with a much simpler interface... :wink:

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Hmmm.... That is tempting, and I could simplify the dashboard interface in the same way, but I do like the multi-date picker option, and the ability to have it available on a dashboard for users who would not be as inclined to access an app.....

Keep plugging away, always nice to see other ways of doing things. :grin:

My version of this is already working great, can trigger switches, speech and push on date/time specified. Tons of features could be added like - auto delete entry after trigger, repeat options, etc.

I gave up on dashboards a while ago. I really don't need them and the family won't use them anyway. If I'm out and need to do something, I just use the Google Home interface.

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calendars and events are a slippery slope! i got heavily into "Demos | FullCalendar" and smart dates, a node implementation toSQL - it does work out of the box... maybe it could be tied in...

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Getting closer, display of events on the right and entry pop-up with focus on the left. Still some more to do....


This would be awesome, I'm pretty excited for this. I work a weird schedule 2 days, 2 nights, 4 off, than repeat, so my full rotation is 8 days not 7 like most people. That makes it impossible to create automations based on my work schedule.

Glad to hear you are interested. If you want to get started using something like this, Bryan got in early and has something going already.

I still plan to keep working on mine but will probably take a bit of time to polish it off.

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