[RELEASE] IKEA Zigbee drivers

Released 3.4.1 with the fix for the auto-configure loop. It should now run auto-configure just one time. Can you please give it a try?

If the fix fails, I will probably remove this auto-configure feature. I tried to overcome a shortcoming from Hubitat side that it does not automatically calls configure() or any other method when user changes drivers, leaving the device state/schedules in an inconsistent state.


It looks good. No loop.

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I am not getting any loops. But, I was not before either.

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Thank you for your help!

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Now that my Ikea devices are all up to date I decided to play with the control outlet driver.

When you click to get the route table, is that viewable anywhere as it is with the built in driver?

I have this device, however mine does work with both C7 and C8 hubs. It required multiple tries with both hubs and proximity while pairing definitely played a part.

The only issue I found was that the button controller app would not work on a hub different to the one the device was paired to (it wouldn't work via Hub Mesh).

Hi, thanks for the drivers. I have a 5 button tradfri remote which works without problems, and a Styrba remote which works as well, however it does not give me a battery percentage. In the device page it says power source: unknown. I did have a look at the logs, and it gives me this warning message: IkeaStyrbarRemote ignored invalid reported battery percentage value: 0xFF (255)

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I get that too. Unfortunately the device is sending bad data.

I read somewhere that it reports good values if you use rechargeable batteries. It might have something to do with the fact that these batteries top at 1.2 Volts instead of the standard 1.5V used by non-rechargeable full batteries. Did not have the chance to test this myself though.

I can map 0xFF (255) to 100% but this would be a hack.

Thanks for the info. I just wanted to make sure that the driver is installed right. I'm not really worried that it does not show the battery percentage, as these are AAA's, readily available at any corner. thanks again

That's really weird... I have most of my Zigbee devices paired to the new C-8 hub, while most of the RM5 rules and Button Controller rules are still working on the old C-7 hub via HE mesh.

Anyone using the strybar remotes? I have one hooked up but its sending 4 events per button press on all 4 buttons

This is a little off-topic. All of my blinds, repeaters, lights, and even the E1766 switches updated without a hitch which is amazing. I feel like my network is more reliable now so thank you for this awesome thread/news.

However I saw that there’s updates for the E1745 Motion Sensor. I tried pairing two of them to the hub following the directions but they keep being detected as E1766 instead. Does anyone have any tips on how to get these paired up properly? I tried searching but coming up empty.

A million thanks again Dan and I know you’re probably a busy guy. By any chance, is there a way to get the E1766 supported with Advance Button Controller Drivers so that it can interpret being held down better along with double clicks?

I used to have the buttons on HA and my little kids (who can’t figure out voice controls yet and are too short for wall switches) are using them to turn on their lights.

E1766 doesn't support "HOLD". See this post and its reply:


You first need to update this device to the latest firmware version, old versions do not work with Hubitat. You should see firmwareMT: 117C-11C8-24040005 at the bottom of the device detail page.

For the firmware update process, the driver does not really matter, you just need to have the "Update Firmware" button present. You can even switch to the "Device" driver.

Since they don't have clickable buttons, I believe it is trickier to wake these devices up and keep them awake. What you can try:

  1. Open an unfiltered Live logs page (to see live logs from ALL devices)
  2. Remove the batteries from E1745
  3. Wait 1 minute
  4. Click the "Update Firmware" button (also click OK on the warning popup)
  5. Immediately insert the batteries
  6. Look at the unfiltered Live logs page to see if the upgrade process started
  7. Wait at least 15 minutes to see the first 10% progress log entry

You can also try to swap steps 4 and 5.

Once the E1745 Motion Sensor is updated to the latest firmware version, re-pair it and select the driver with name "IKEA Tradfri Motion Sensor (E1745)". If you don't see the driver in the list, use the "Modify" option in HPM to install it.

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This is really weird. I would try to re-pair it in the hope that this will go away. Also make sure the firmware is at version firmwareMT: 117C-11CB-02040005.

Thanks for the reply and thanks for all the hard work on these. Mine says no update available...

Firmware update for Button - Ikea Remote Control 1, IKEA of Sweden 117C-11CB-00010024 is not available.

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This is weird. According to [GUIDE] IKEA Firmware Updates it should have an update available.

I assume your Hubitat Hub has internet connection so it can reach the Hubitat servers via Internet? You can check this using "Settings" -> "Network Setup" -> "Network test" -> "Ping host" (

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yes network test OK. I will re-pair the remote and try again. I have updated all my other iKea stuff (outlets,open/close,6 blinds...) but this one does not want to.

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I double-checked and you are right: I messed up the file name for this Styrbar firmware version. I will ask Mike to fix it and let you know when it's fixed. Thanks for the report!

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