[RELEASE] IKEA Zigbee drivers

@dandanache , again thanks for your work on these drivers. I picked up a Rodret button for all of $8 CAD. Powered by a single AAA/rechargeable this may be my new favourite Zigbee button. Your driver works great with the device. Zero issues with pairing and setup.

I'll likely pick up a few more of these as the wife approval factor goes up a lot with manual control over the automated lights.

I set it up as below using the button app:

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That's the older model. Have a look at Somrig, looks the same but has double-tap, same price too.

The UK got stock this week, picked up a Vallhorn and Somrig, Parasoll stock lasted 1 day so missed out on that one! @dandanache I'm assuming as Somrig has 'release' then it doesn't work in the same way as the Symfonisk (E2123) volume buttons, is that correct?


Installed IKEA Vindstyrka today and it´s working perfectly with @dandanache ´s driver. Now I just need to find another way for Vindstyrka to display better in the Dashboard... Currently using Attribute but would like to implement a graph to display values over time. Something like this [RELEASE] IKEA Zigbee drivers - #273 by scoob8000 perhaps. Any ideas or tips?

I did some digging on your problem and found this issue on zigbee2mqtt repo. Looks like your STYRBAR is not using the latest firmware version (2.4.5):


Seems like I need to add some ifs in the code and skip doing the bindings for older versions (heads up: I won't do that :slight_smile: ). This is what the folks at Z2M are doing:

If this is the case, my advice would be to update the firmware on your STYRBAR.

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Ok thanks I thought I did update but maybe there has been a newer one since then

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Indeed SOMRIG is better because it supports double-push and also because you can add custom printed stickers to it.

These are really cool. I LOVE their form factor, I as able to install one on each door (plus 2 on my fridge doors) without the need to build custom brackets.

Some photos

Note: make sure you mount them right from the first try, the sticky tape (from tesa not 3M) is really sticky and makes it impossible to remove it, even if you don't put too much pressure on it.

I've seen folks here are using InfluxDB and Grafana, but this requires another piece of hardware (Raspberry Pi, NAS, microPC, etc). I also miss this.

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These are currently on clearance at IKEA Richmond BC for $1.99
Bought two so far, work great for a simple on/off, though they will do hold and release as well.


SOMRIG is behaving nicely: push, double-tap, hold and release.

With the latest firmware update, they also do double-tap. They were "replaced" by SOMRIG that use AAA batteries and has 2 buttons.

Yea you are right, I did not update this one. I updated a bunch of my other ikea stuff must have missed this one.

It is being stubborn tho, it is throwing a bunch of errors, then eventually it says starting update but just hangs there.

Its moving now...30%

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Can the buttons be updated without going throught the IKEA app/hub?

Sure can: [GUIDE] IKEA Firmware Updates.

Ah...thanks for the tip. IKEA.ca lists them as a new product.

WIth the IKEA Tradfri button E1812, it seems like I need to run a configure first before the button comes back online.
Is this the case?
Another button I have (same model) does not act the same way (always appears online)

Weird stuff happening with this strybar..

Updated the firmware yesterday ( I think) see below...

But I noticed its still showing the old firmware in the device page. I have re-paired a couple times and still showing the old firmware..

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I picked up another vallhorn to play around with on my C8. I popped in some rechargable AAA's and it paired right up on the fist try.

Alkalines seem to cause false alarms. At least when they're new. I wonder if they were contributing to my C8 pairing issues.

I'm not feeling froggy enough to remove it and see if it pairs back up.

Curious how long rechargeables will last. These were fresh off the charger and already reporting 91%.

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Hi @dandanache when I press any of the buttons on my Styrbar button controller, the logs appear to receive 3 button presses. I have a rule whereby each button press increases a variable by 1. However the variable is jumping 2-3 because there appears to be 3 button presses. Any ideas how to prevent this from occurring? I'm using the styrbar driver listed at the top of this thread? Are you able to help in any capacity please. Appreciated in advance...Stu

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Usually you just need to re-pair it when that happens. Worked for me

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Wow thanks so much for these drivers! I was just contemplating buying the dirigera hub but have changed my mind.

I have a few IKEA Zigbee bulbs & motion sensors. I previously had the bulbs connected to a Philips hub but decided to try moving things over to the Hubitat.

I managed to pair the Vallhorn & 1 Trådfri motion sensor ok. After moving to your drivers I had to re-pair them. The second Trådfri motion sensor took a little more effort to pair, but I got it going and am now doing a firmware update that is, as you described, slow, but it's working. I get an update of plus 10% ca every 10 minutes.

I will try to do a firmware update on the first Trådfri later. The Vallhorn seems up-to-date.

So grateful for this. Thanks again!

The second motion sensor took a bit to update. I had to re-pair it and immediately start the firmware update process for it to work. I also had to re-pair the other trådfri motion sensor after updating firmware. Now they are working fine. :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for these drivers! Unfortunately, for my e1766 device (Tradfri open/close remote), the physical buttons are not registering. I can click the digital buttons just fine in the device page and they do register in the event log, but the physical buttons simply don't. No errors in the logs either. Any ideas?

Also, the battery is showing as 40% with a brand new CR2032. Is this a limitation of the device?


Thanks for your help here. I re-paired a few times and this has resolved the issue. Many thanks :+1:

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