[RELEASE] IKEA Zigbee drivers

Not sure if this is the right post, but I saw some comments before about updating the IKEA Fyrtur blinds. My question is, how did you do that. Which driver/device type do you use and how did you initate the update. I think this is unrelated to the driver developed by @dandanache.

Thanks for any input.

Hi, I use @a4refillpad driver in my blinds and have done for circa 3-4 years. It's straight forwards and never failed me. Install the driver, pair the blinds and hey presto. I have a few rules which operate them, Alexa and various buttons. However I use a virtual dimmer to control them if I want them open for 40% for example.

Thanks, I use that driver too. What I notice is only one issue regarding the battery status. The driver still shows over 80% but the blind doesn't work anymore and needs to get charged.

On the other hand, updating the device firmware of the IKEA devices handled through dandanache's driver works like a charm. The question is, how to update the Fyrtur firmware?

I'm just curious, who to do that.


Change the driver to "device" , press update firmware. Watch the Hub logs.

After its finished change back to driver of choice for the blinds.


Hey guys I'm new to all of this.
I was wondering if someone can help.
I bought a Symfonisk Sound Remote Gen2 (no hub for it)
I paired the remote with the Hubitat.
I added the driver code
none of the buttons I press are doing anything on the remote.
I know I missed a step somewhere as the driver needs to somehow connect to the remote.

Do I need to buy a DIRIGERA hub for this to work?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you paired it before you installed the driver, then you need to go into the device in the device list and choose the driver in the "Type" dropdown in the device information section.

Then, click "Save Device" then click configure in the upper left section

(Afterwards, I always click Save Device again for good measure after configure)

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I owe you a beer!!!!!
Thank you so much!
Had to remove and re-pair it but it now registers the buttons.

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I feel like the blind squirrel that found an acorn

No beer needed. Just pay it forward

Received the new Vallhorn Motion Sensor and install to my C-8 Hub. I uninstall and reinstalled a couple of times and I get the following info, I'm using the Vallhorn Ikea driver for the E2134. It not showing any motion? is there something that I need to do to get it working. Thanks


Have you pushed the "Configure"-button after saving the device? Usually that is what has been overlooked.

Immediately after the device LED starts blinking red, keep the device as close as you can against your Hubitat hub for at least 30 seconds (after the front light stops blinking and turns off).

I paired a Rodret dimmer recently that looked just like this. Started working correctly on my third or fourth attempt. Pretty sure that I removed the device from HE then paired it "fresh" on my final attempt. Set it directly on top of my HE hub.

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Thanks I finally got it, I moved it to another C-8 hub and it been working solid for a day and a half. I really don't understand why the first C-8 Hub never work the way it should. Again thanks for the help.