[RELEASE] IKEA Zigbee drivers

I am waiting for the new set of sensors and will add support as soon as I can get my hands on them.

Hopefully IKEA will roll out these in the same time in all stores beginning of next year. If I can't get them in time, other folks can easily add support via a pull-request in GitHub.


I'll have a look for Parasoll/Vallhorn sensors in Jan, I presume they will have the same C-8 issues as the E2123 though. Cheap enough to try though!

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Mulțumesc, @dandanache! The E1766 drivers work well!

I marvel at your ability to create so many excellent drivers and I am so grateful for your generosity sharing them!


Hi Jason, the firmware update file (117C-11CB-02040005, version 2.4.5) for the Styrbar remote should now be available in Hubitat. Note that even after this update is applied, Styrbar still reports wrong battery levels and hold and release actions still don't work for button #3 (Prev) and #4 (Next).


Styrbar firmware update worked, took ~65 minutes. Thanks again for all your hard work on these devices.


Thank you for the very kind words, David :blush: (and for the :coffee:) !


My pleasure to share some coffee with you. :slightly_smiling_face: Coffee makes each day better!


Lol they knew we were coming…

Anyone using the Ikea buttons w/the updated FW and these drivers, do they still munch batteries like potato chips?

I would like to know also. I soldered a 3v ac adapter on each of my buttons because of this but I have others on battery on Z2M. If the problem is fixed with the new firmware and driver, I could move them to HE.

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I'm using several of the E1743 (on/off dimmer) buttons and they've been fine with batteries.

They are all on the lower level, with Hubitat on the upper level.

I do have extra repeaters around to help out.

Thanks! firmware updated fine. I still get 4 registered button presses per button push for some reason. I re-paired it a while ago and that went away for a bit. Then I updated the driver pack and it started again.

I have several Ikea pucks identified as 117C-11C2-23028631 |TRADFRI Wireless Dimmer|[ICTC-G-1] and 117C-11C2-12248572 |TRADFRI Wireless Dimmer|[ICTC-G-1], they currently work with IKEA Trådfri Puck driver by Joel Wetzal. When I updated one to the new firmware it stopped work with the old driver. What do you need to add these to your driver package?

@danabw and @ymerj I was able to finally update the firmware on two E1743 Tradfri On/off remotes, although it took quiet a few resets, rejoins, configuring etc. to get them to take the firmware updates. Having them right next to the hub worked better for firmware updates, but it takes about 100 minutes per remote. I put fresh CR2032 cells in both of them. Contrary to my last experience with these remotes, they have actually survived 24 hours with battery life indicated the same and the remotes actually working :slight_smile:

@dandanache , thanks again for your great work on these drivers. They work perfectly in my setup.

I also updated about 20 Tradfri GU10 bulbs, 5 of the 30 watt Tradrfi LED drives and 2 of the 10 watt drivers. No issues. The bulbs and drivers updated a lot faster then the remotes.


Wow..."fun" process, eh? :wink:

Excellent initial news...look forward to hearing back after a while regarding how the batteries hold up. Thanks!

Sorry to hear that. Did you tried to re-pair it to see if it fixes it back. If this does not fixes it, we need to see what the device has in its bindings table; might help us understand why it sends 4 events per click.

I need to have the device on hand but I cannot find to buy it anywhere :frowning:

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I re-paired it again and it stopped sending the 4 messages, however some data is missing like the manufacturer Ikea of Sweden. But it works and its updated, this one seems a bit flaky in the joining process.

@danabw , pretty sure the E1743 battery issue is fixed. With the original firmware, it was less than a day to kill the batteries. Today, both remotes are reporting 90% battery using the updated firmware and @dandanache ’s driver. The firmware update running for 100 minutes likely cost a bit of battery life from the fresh cells.


I've got the new E2123 paired with my C-8.

User error My Hue hub was on Zigbee ch.20, same as the HE hub, switch HE to ch.26 and it pairs fine. Strange though as I'd thought I'd checked that before and I'd actually tried pairing the E2123 with the Hue hub off.

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Released version 3.4.3 with the following small change for the LED Driver:


  • ICPSHC24: Brightness level pre-staging is now disabled by default - reported by @denwood

With pre-staging disabled in device preferences, the LED Driver should now be usable in the Room Lighting app (that uses "setLevel" to turn On the lights).

Have fun!