[RELEASE] Hub Information Driver v3

Try one if his many other tools: [Release] Hubitat Ping
Set it up to ping an outside source.

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I'm reluctant to mess with another driver if I don't have to.
I just looked at Hub Info current states, and hubalerts comes up empty even if there is "cloud connection is unavailable" when the alert box is pressed (no 'red' message, like if there is an update available).

The only place I've seen that seems to generate an alert of any type concerning the cloud is the dashboards, but given that the hub is designed to be a local first and cloud if necessary entity, not being connected is the optimal design state for most of its activity and really isn't an alert-able event.

That being said, wouldn't be difficult to add a ping to an external site as an option.


  • Adds a queue assignment parameter for the cloud connection check
  • Adds a MakerAPI or Dashboard URL parameter for doing the cloud connection check against.

Decided the best way to check the cloud connectivity was to force it to go end-to-end, which required a URL for the test. Figured that most people will have a dashboard already defined, but if not then gave the option of using MakerAPI over the cloud.

If you want to use the dashboard URL go to the Apps section, and select the dashboard child app and copy the Cloud Link.

For MakerApi add the the Hub Information Driver v3 to the devices available, and grab the Cloud URL string under Get Device Info


nice addition.. but the get device info may be not the best option as doesnt it return a lot of data, maybe a link that does or returns less that is easier on the hub, depending on how often you check.

I'm really just looking to pull back the device ID to verify the cloud transaction was successful.

got ya thanks.. i just used an unused switch on one of my dual switches anyway.. now waiting for first check to come back.. what attribute is filled in. and what are the values for check ok and failed.. so i can write a rule..

thanks again.

Right now it's checking for the Information Driver ID (has a replace of the [Device ID] text with the driver's ID), but it wouldn't take much to allow any device to work.

i dont follow you put the full url in with any id that is what i did.. but not working..


ok now i understand what i did wrong i thought you put in the whole url

i see it calling to look up the info about that id.. that would seem to be more overhead than just putting in the full url as i did as you can see in the logs (above) it generates crap from the maker api.

also if you test getinfo on the hub information device in the web browser it returns like 50 lines of data vs 2 as above for a switch, so as i summized much less overhead if you allow us to use any device or url..

obviously not a bigee if you only check every hour or something but if you check every minute or few it is more overhead.

So same URL, but you pick the device.... Give me a couple minutes..

cool thanks.. by the way when i switched it to the hub info device it is working correctly.. will now switch back to my switch and set up a queue for every 1/2 hour and write a rule that if it shows not connected and stays that way for 31 minutes.. (give it change for at least two polls) i will alert and reboot.

also at least for my sendmail implementation if your mail server is local and you use ip instead of name even when cloud is down (ie dns fails) the notification will still go out..

Have some modified code at:


Should work but thinking I may want to add a try..catch block in there.

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thanks .. rule:

took out the reboot for now.. just left notify for testing.. not sure it is a good idea to reboot constantly say for instance there is an internet outage.. sigh.

Pushed up v3.0.21 with the finalized changes

  • Added try..catch to the cloud check to catch error responses
  • MakerAPI URL can be a specific device or use the example from the app (will be replaced with the Hub Information Driver device ID)
    • Note the device must be authorized to MakerAPI

i was thinking of the problem where you cannot determine if it is a wider internet outage or just the cloud down in the hub.. is it possible to do a ping of a specific ip as well and post the results to a attribute

say ping your default gw/ that way we can determeine that the intenet is still up but the cloud is down vs. everything down and forcing it into a reboot every half hour for an internet outage..


Would it make sense to do the gateway check only if the cloud check fails, i.e. the gateway must be good for the cloud check to succeed.

no its the opposite.. the problem is when the gateway is still up but the cloud is down.. but ya you get the idea.. if the gatway is down obvkously the cloud will be down and there is no point in rebooting the hub.

if you do it in your order how would you write the rule to reboot the hub as the cloud would show down and the rule would fire.. i guess delay 1 minute while the gateway check is done and see if that is up.. i guess it would work either direction.

unless you have a better idea?

your way will work as well rule could be gatway up changed.. (is up) then we know cloud is down so rule would be simple as attribute should only change when cloud is down..

Default Gateway is on your local lan. Pinging it only means your lan is up not the Internet is still up. You need to ping something past the Gateway, like an external DNS server to determine if your Internet is up.

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