[RELEASE] Hub Information Driver v3

Nor sure if this is the correct place for this post, but after update to my Hub Info V3 devices on my C7 hubs both display the page below. This is several minutes after the reboot has completed and hub is up and operational.

Looks like one of two possibles:

  1. Hub came up slower, and a refresh will clear
  2. Template file for the driver is missing

Probably #1 - I'm looking into that to see what I can do...


Refresh didn't clear it, and hubInfoTemplate.res is still in File Manager.

Initialize did clear it.

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My C5 does this too. The first time it happened I thought something was corrupt and created a new device. When it happened again I did a soft reset. Now when it happens I hit initialize and reset until it goes away. LOL

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Just pushed v3.0.17 up to handle this case in a little more controlled manner. By default if the situation occurs it should display a Hub not Ready message in the attribute and then retry the initialize after 30 seconds; it will only retry once so that it doesn't get into a loop. If that doesn't resolve it, the next poll cycle should clear it if the attribute creation is enabled.


If you pulled down v3.0.18 in the last 24 hours you may need to re-pull or do a HPM repair. Looks like I push the code up to the wrong location yesterday (thanks @jtp10181 for catching that).


  • Adds option to send html attribute data to a local file (hubInfoOutput.html by default)
  • Adds automatic use of the output file if the attribute exceeds 1024 characters
  • If the output file option is utilized the attribute will contain a link to the file


  • Adds 15 minute average values for CPU Load, CPU % and Free Memory (cpu15Min, cpu15Pct, and freeMem15 respectively)
  • If the hub has been up less than 15 minutes these values will default to the 5 minute values (cpu5Min, cpuPct and freeMemory respectively)

So would the 15 min free memory be better to graph than the old stat. Jow often internally do you get a value for the average?

It will go and fetch it as often as you tell it to. Uses the /hub/advanced/freeOSMemoryHistory endpoint (hub updates this every 5 minutes from reboot) and averages the last 3 readings. For me it's a quick reference for a possible trend, i.e. if my current CPU % is 7% but the 15 min average is 1% then I've had a hard jump that may be worthy of looking into. Some people are looking for memory to stay below a value for 15 minutes before rebooting, the freeMem15 attribute may be a simpler way (or not) to create a rule.

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Weird i see the memory usage change every minute on my dashboard so it must update more than every 5 minutes internally?

The /hub/advanced/freeOSMemory endpoint is updated when requested, but the history endpoint only every 5 minutes..

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The option for the "HTML Attribute Output for > 1024 characters" doesn't work. If you change the file name, the Hub Info V3 driver always writes the results to "hubInfoOutput.html" always.

The issue is in lines 1189-1192. It uses "HTMLFileOutput" rather than "HTMLOuput". I just put in a line before 1189 that says "HTMLFileOutput = HTMLOutput".

Hope you don't mind my debuging, but was trying to figure out if it was me or the code.


Never mind another set of eyes. Should read:

        if(html.size() > 1024 || forceFileOutput){
            if(htmlFileOutput == null) htmlFileOutput = "hubInfoOutput.html"
            writeFile(htmlFileOutput, html)

That line should only get invoked if you haven’t saved a change to the output file name. Normally I force an update to the preference at that point to change the “shown” default preference to a real preference, so I might add that in. What normally happens is that you change the name in the preference section and forget to click out of it before hitting the Save Preferences button.

Went to do the update to the current version and Package Manager is hung:

2023-03-01 08_45_25-Hubitat Package Manager - Brave

What should I do?

Finally came back with this:

Back out and then do a repair on anything that may have not installed correctly. Repair will force it in there!

Actually just ran the update again and it worked maybe it was doing a poll at the time.

I will retest. Thanks

Hi. Is there any way to see if the cloud connection is lost?

I lost mine for a couple of days, apparently, and didn't know it.
Maybe I could use one of the device's properties to set up a notification.
I saw HubAlerts, but is that just a number?
Nothing else I saw in the driver's current states rang a bell.