[RELEASE] HomeSeer HSM200 Multi-Sensor

HomeSeer HSM200 Multi-Sensor


Driver Capabilities

  • Motion Sensor
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Illuminance Measurement
  • Color Control
  • Switch
  • Switch Level




  • Initial Release

This might actually fly as a "night light" and allow me to add motion to the bathroom (wife thinks others look too much like cameras)

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There is no white though.. Keep that in mind..

Will it go purple? That would be more then enough for my wife.

Amazon says - "Color options include red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan and white."

I guess no purple! :cry:

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Yes.. It’s RGB

Well that amazon description is wrong.. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It uses RGB values..

Bryan - "White" is the most difficult color to produce since it mixes it from Red, Green and Blue. In early samples, white had a cool bluish cast. In the most recent samples, it's closer to orange! As for purple, "Magenta" is very close to that. Good luck with the testing!


I actually have an algorithm to reproduce full color temperature with just RGB.. But so far I have found color reproduction a little off on this guy.. I’m going to keep poking at it to see if I can get it more accurate

Really? If you figure that out, I'd like to see the results. I did not think that was possible.

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This is RGB LED Strip.. RGB Only reproducing CT transition

From another driver of mine.. It can do 2700-6500K

I might have to make a custom gamma correction on this to make whites work properly..

I like that little sensor. I've looked at them probably 10 times. They are just too pricy for me to justify. But very neat.

If they ever have a 3 for $99 deal I would bite. lol

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I like that it will never need a battery.. and the motion sensor detection is fast (1 min minimum switch to idle) but it's the detection that matters..

Illuminance sensor seems to have a good range

I'm still playing .. but so far it's a pretty solid device..

I just like the programmable light. I would use it for house status, like alarm on. I'm not all that interested in the motion (have GE Motion Dimmers everywhere) or illuminance (don't use that).

It's just a unique device, and I like it.

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illuminance : 13307
illuminance : 10

the 13,307 value was a bright led light right against the sensor

That's definitely a cool feature. After we added that to the HSM200, we added it to our light switches too!


Yeah I'd take that. $57 bucks is a bit much, unless they could add a humidity sensor. That would make it the ultimate bathroom sensor (need humidity to control exhaust fan with shower)


Yeah, I stumbled on this thread while shopping for night light options. The Dome DMEX1 is a great option. Somebody, please sell me on this $57 sensor. Or, is it just too much for night light use? $35-$40 seems like my sweet spot.

Oh, thanks for the driver @bcopeland

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