[RELEASE] Homebridge Hubitat v2.0


I added the Homebridge 2 in Hubitat. It created a QR code, but Homekit doesn't recognize it. I wanted to try the 8 digit code, but I couldn't it. Please advise?



That can happen if your Homebridge instance is not on the same subnet as your Apple Home device. Make sure you do not have a "double-nat" situation.

For example if you have a separate WiFi router plugged into your ISPs router and have the Wifi router set to "router" (which is usually the default) instead of access point ("AP").

I believe the homebridge driver repository json file has a typo - it seems to show up in package explorer under " convienence "... Here's a screen shot to help isolate:

Someone just reported on GitHub that the latest WatchOS release fixes support for opening/closing shades with Siri (using Watch). I've not tried yet as mine is still updating...

Edit: Confirmed fixed in WatchOS 8.6

How are you doing this? I have a Rinnai w/ControlR and am still using the horrible app. Please advise.

Quick question - though I'm guessing maybe removing the device and adding it back may fix it.

I have a Smart things z-wave multipurpose sensor I have on my front door. I went into HE and the addon and removed temperature readings from the device, but it still reports temperature changes. I had replaced the battery recently so not sure if that's why, but it seems to be the only device in my home that doesn't obey the "ignore X feature"

I have got a new router and the IP addresses have changed and now Homebridge wont work? Any idea how to reset without having remove and re-add my hub and devices?

Edit: Found it, put the new IP address into the config section on HomeBridge. Working as normal now.

Reserve the ip of Hubitat and any other iot devices you have in your routers dhcp table. This will ensure that no matter what they always get the same IP when they boot. You can put a static IP into Hubitat itself, but if you do, change the default DNS to 1,1,1,1 instead of it's current (We've see problems of it not connecting to the internet after that change due to DNS)

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I've just set this up. I have 2 ecobee thermostats connected to hubitat. They display temperature in farenheit within hubitat. Both the hubitat homebridge app and the homebridge plugin are configured to use farenheit instead of celsius. The json config in the homebridge plugin shows "temperature_unit": "F". However, both thermostats show celsius values on the accessories page in homebridge. Any ideas? I've reinstalled both sides to no avail.

Did you change the Homebridge UI setting default to F?

Click on the 3 dots on upper right / UI Settings and change there - "Temperature Display Units". Restart HB just in case.

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Welp. There's your problem! Thank you. Not sure I realized that was even in there.

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I had a couple of Homeseer z-wave light switches configured in Homebridge v2 app. Those Homeseer switches were replaced with Hue products. I went into the HomeBridge v2 config screen, and the two old light switches are not listed/selected anywhere. However, in the Hoobs accessory list and the iOS Home app I have two ghost light switches that I can't remove.

I've reconfigured the HomeBridge v2 device list in Hubitat, restarted the Hoobs device, and yet the ghosts are still listed. Any ideas how to clear them?

Make sure after you make changes in the Homebridge app in Hubitat you click Done/Next at the very bottom until you get back to the App list. The final "Done" click its what triggers it to sync up properly with Homebridge/Hoobs.

Also, you can manually hide the devices in Homebridge, not sure if that hides it from Homekit or not, worth a try. I thought I used to be able to delete them as well but I cannot find that option.

Ya I went through the device editing process a few times, and did click the final "Done" each time. However, over in Hoobs and the Apple Home app, the ghosted light switches still appear. I did "Hide" the two switches in the Hoobs accessories list, but the Apple Home app still lists them.

In the Hubitat app go into "Device Debug Data" > View Device Data Sent to Homebridge.
May want to copy/paste to a text editor, do a ctrl-f search for your ghost devices. If they are in there then the app is still sending them to Hoobs, somehow...

If they are not in there, I would try adding a random new device, click next/done to get out of the app so it will sync, watch the hoobs log it should say something like this:

Hopefully that will force the changes through.

If not then Hoobs is hanging on to them for some reason.

Ooooo I found the setting I was looking for, I have homebridge so you will have to find it in Hoobs.

That is the way I once got rid of something that would not go away.

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Thanks for the detailed information! I got the issue resolved. I was able to verify that the Hubitat Homebridge app was only pushing 32 total devices, which is the right number of active devices. I did do add/remove of another real device, and observed the Hubitat plugin log on Hoobs and saw it being added and removed properly. But the office light switch was stuck in Hoobs. I found the single cache item delete function in Hoobs, and zapped the ghost switch. Thanks!

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I've 2 Sonoff BASICR2 connected to Homebridge via Ewelink plugin, all the Homebridge accessories are showing on HE except those 2, any idea what am i doing wrong!!

Would Sonos appear as speakers in HomeKit?

I would not integrate Sonos speakers into Home via Hubitat. Rather, integrate them directly into HomeBridge. The HomeBridge Sonos ZP plugin seems to be widely used.


I am getting a couple weird behaviors, might be easy to fix, or maybe someone else has seen it?

  1. a couple of my devices always show as on in Home now, they are physically turned off but yet it shows them as running. if I hit them off in side Home, they turn off, but then come back as on again.

  2. I get this error in my logs:

app:7832022-09-05 08:54:30.388 am errorjava.lang.Exception: No response data exists for async request on line 1502 (method asyncHttpCmdResp)

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