[RELEASE] HD+ - Android Dashboard

First let me say how totally awesome this dashboard app is and how I appreciate all of the work you put in.

Great work!

Just wanted to ask a few questions/make some feature requests below, I apologize if I missed the answers earlier in this thread, but I tried to catch up first.

  • Can the icons for Mode device be changed? I saw that you can do that but the change is not reflecting it in the UI. My end goal is to be able to set the icon per mode and in the end use an image icon of my house in the appropriate mode. :slight_smile:

  • Can the battery levels be displayed on the main Tile on all devices that support them in the small text size like the other data(on, off, active, etc), maybe have a setting to choose, or at least for motion sensors that dont support more than Battery and Motion can you allow them to be treated the same as the others and allow switching device to Multiple Value Sensor so as to display the Battery and Motion together, like you do on Windows/Doors.

P.S. there might be a folder grouping display issue with this, where I selected all my windows to be Multiple Value Sensors for Window and Battery display and now nothing shows up on that folder UI that holds them. Typically in my Motion Sensor folder the Temp and Motion values are aggregated on the folder display.

  • Can the same icons be used for display in switches/outlets that also report power when in Power Meter mode UI. For example, I have an outlet set to a heater where I switched the icon to yellow fire in on state and white fire in off state. Can the same icon be used in the background of Power Meter UI depending on the current on/off state, instead of the generic power button.
    In fact can the custom icon be used in other display states for all the devices not just outlets and switches. I'm seeing the same issue with Windows, when I set them to Multiple Value Sensor, I get the default window state icons in the grouping folder view not user chosen ones)

  • Can I request in the short term allowing Home Energy Meter device to be like Multiple Value Sensor so I can pick the other attributes to display, up to 4 of course.(In fact can we have this allowed for most devices so we can choose what to display in case of multiple attributes until a proper device widget is created) :slight_smile: And maybe work with you in the future to make a nicer Device widget that shows all the Meter values, since I'm guessing you don't have this device. :wink:

  • Also how does one clear the Sort Order back to Custom?

  • Can you also allow the AUTO speed for Fan Devices?

Now for the big feature request ask....

  • Is it possible for you to add the capability to Poll ( for mostly non Zwave plus switches and dimmers) for any device that supports that command, and add it to the device Refresh/Update cycle. Maybe have a setting either global or per device.
    The ask here could help a lot of users that have houses full of those old devices. I am currently coming to Hubitat from Nexia and didnt realize it was an issue since their system supported it somehow. I think this would be a better way to poll in the UI since you want to see the new status and then it it's updated. :slight_smile:

First off - thanks for the feedback! There's several tile types I don't use on my wall-mounted tablets so I don't get to really see/use them daily. I'm always interested in ways to make the app better.

  1. Allow an image to be used on a webview button.
    a. Instead of having a preview of the webpage, it would be nice to be able to set an image/icon as sometimes a preview is not aesthetically pleasing

That makes sense.. most webpages won't look great as displayed as 1x2 or even 2x2 tile. I should be able to add an option to use the icon instead of the live webview when it's a tile. It would still display the full web-view when opened

  1. Allow multivalue sensor tiles to be larger (taller)
    a. Perhaps allow all tiles to be larger ?

I have this on my TODO list.. it can be done pretty easily now but I just need to change how I save it.. right now there's a 'isWide' and 'isTall' preference per device and that would need to change. I also need a decent UI setting to replace the 2 toggle switches.. something easy to use

  1. If possible, it would be good to be able to cancel an HSM alert via the app and also view the alert (i.e. smoke, water etc.)

I need some more info on this one. Are these push notifications to your phone that you're talking about? I have HSM setup to send my phone notifications when any sensors change. They're being sent to the hub device created by the Hubitat app on my phone. Anyway, while it's technically possible for this app to 'intercept' these push notifications and handle them instead of Hubitat's app, it probably wouldn't make sense. Let me know if I'm understanding this one wrong though.

  1. Enable prompting for switch change in app (not just widgets) or add a PIN (pr. device)

That's on my TODO list.. I was thinking of replacing the current 'prompt to toggle locks' setting with multiple options including don't prompt for anything, prompt for certain devices (locks, valves, garage doors), or prompt for everything.

  1. Enable use of Own weatherstation instead of OpenWeathermap virtual devices as Weather provider. Also enable bigger weather tile size with customizable fields

What hubitat device driver are you using? Or better can you send me a device log that has this weatherstation device included?

Or, an alternative is to find a weather widget which can be customized online and then you copy & paste the HTML snippet into a new web tile. I did this with windy.com and I think it'll also work with weatherwidget.io as well.. use the "get code" button. I'll give it a try tomorrow and see how it looks.

  1. Enable a way to change the weatherwidget.io URL if entered incorrectly.

I actually forgot I had logic to fetch data directly from that weatherwidget.io. I switched over to openweathermap so I don't even get that option anymore. I thought you could edit the weather tile and change the URL but I'll check again. Anyway, there might be some better options now

btw - my TODO list is here if you're interested

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I updated the app yesterday - 1.0.1022 - to use the latest RTSP library. I also built the RTSP sample app and uploaded it here. If you're having issues with RTSP can you please try it first on this app? If it works there and not in the dashboard (both on the same device) then it must be something I'm doing (or not doing) in the app.

If you do have issues with the sample app, can you let me know what's in the logs tab? I created an issue last time and it was fixed pretty quickly.

Sorry, I wish I could reproduce video streaming issues.. it's working great for me but I don't have many devices to test with.

I can try to explain, but I also do not know if this is possible at all. So when HSM goes off (alerts), then I see it as an alert in the Apps (similar to this, but red text saying alert):


What I am looking for is to get this alert into the dashboard somehow. I currently get a message via Pushbullet, but I cannot cancel the alarm from there. In Sharptools, there is a full menu for HSM, among the options, an ability to cancel an alarm.


  1. Enable use of Own weatherstation instead of OpenWeathermap virtual devices as Weather provider. Also enable bigger weather tile size with customizable fields

What hubitat device driver are you using?

I am using the Weatherflow driver by Snell. It connects to the API, so I don´t think I have a device log as I am using the API key to remotely connect to my local device. Yes, nuts, I know, but the only way to connect to it on LAN is via UDP.

I currently do have a website link to my weatherstation on the dashboard, but thought it would be nicer to have a tile for it.

Regarding your TODO, I have been checking and voting on that :wink:

version 1.0.1024 (beta)

  • fix username/password issue with RTSP connection

Super small change but I'm hoping it fixes the video tile for anyone trying to connect to a RTSP video URL with a username & password. I tested it using IP Webcam (Android app) but I feel like that worked for me in the past too so I want to make sure it works for someone with a 'real' webcam to be sure.

Anyway, just to summarize.. if you want a live video feed and have a camera that supports RTSP, add a new 'video' tile and enter the URL in the format: rtsp://USERNAME@PASSWORD:IP_ADDRESS:PORT/path. For example, rtsp://username:password@

Some of the above fields are optional.. for example USERNAME@PASSWORD: is only required if you need to login. :PORT is also optional but will default to 554 if not specified.

version 1.0.1027 (beta)

  • fix RTSP URL
  • reconnect RTSP connection if it fails
  • show temp icon color in blue/red if cooling/heating

Looks like fix earlier today wasn't quite right. It did work for me but I'm trying to get this to work for everyone else who wants to stream their video cameras as I don't have one that supports external streaming.

Also, quick correction.. RTSP format should be: rtsp://USERNAME:PASSWORD@IP_ADDRESS:PORT/path

  • 1 non-video change.. I changed the little icon behind the temperature to blue/red if the thermostat is cooling/heating.
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@jpage4500, finally, I have my dashboard working with Fully Kiosk the way that I want. Your dashboard app is perfect for me. Great job with everything. I am very interested to see this project grow.

This is a great application!
A quick question:
In the Hubitat App (from Hubitat), there are two lines:
Enable Custom Dashboard
Can I put in a URL, and get your dashboard?

Sorry but no, because Joe's app is just that, a standalone Android app.

Have you noticed that it is the smallest, fastest app you have? It sure is for me and it's a testament to Joe's knowledge and skill that it is so. He's amazing!


I couldn't agree with you more.
It was so simple to put up a dashboard. Very easy, very quick. And it has the ability to easily move around the tiles, and to modify them. So much easier than the built in dashboard.
"Joe Page for President!"
(I can say that, because I'm a Canadian!)


Is there any way to slightly modify the characters to allow for a full view of the actual percentage open vs the "partially open" words? In other words, I'm more interested in the percentage not being cut off rather than seeing "partially open"... Hope that my request makes sense.

Thank you!

@jpage4500 On version 1.0.1028 I'm not able to change a tile's icons. I'm using a dimmer as a box fan speed controller so the tile shows the appropriate icons for a light dimmer but I'm not able to change them to the built-in fan icons. This tile is the only one in a folder and the folder icon changes when I attempt to change the tile icon but the tile does not. Am I doing it wrong or is it not supposed to work?

I tried this and it worked for me to change to any normal icon. I did notice when I changed to the animated fan (.gif) it didn't work - it showed a white block. Is that the fan icon you used? I'll look at what I did to break animated .gif support.

I really liked the idea of using animated gif's for icons but the 1 issue I ran into is gif's don't allow for transparent backgrounds.. so unless the gif's background color is the same as the tile color it wouldn't look good. I might be able to figure that out in the app (the gif background) and just use that for the rest of the tile.. something I can look into.

Sure, I can change it.. maybe there's no need to show any text and just the percent instead.. let me change it quick. I've got a bunch of other refactoring going on now but I'll try to get it out this coming week

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No. I picked the ones that look like the .gifs but there is no animation and the background is blue, just like the majority of icons.

Thanks, maybe even removing just the "partially" would be enough? "open / 15%" or "open / 100%" and "closed"

Although often I wish that he could port the app to IOS...

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Sent you an email but I figured I could post here to help out everyone. As a long time user of SmartTiles and SharpTools with Smartthings and now Hubitat I find your app to be the most intuitive to use and customize. That said I have a very specific use case that is preventing me from using it exclusively. Web access. I live and work in Chrome OS and thought that installing the app on my Chromebox could be the solution but I am stuck on getting the app to function outside of my home LAN where it functions flawlessly (even on my Chromecast with Google TV). Cloud mode is disabled and I can not figure out how to enable it. I have the appropriate Cloud Access token but can't seem to get the local SSID set. Any suggestions?

Imported setting worked fine.

Screenshot 2021-05-10 7.08.07 PM
Chromebox will not accept the local SSID and keeps stating to set SSID to "null" Putting "null" or leaving the SSID blank does not work. Any suggestions?

version 1.0.1039 (beta)

  • add global PIN protection for sending commands to hub
  • new prompt for toggling devices on/off - displays both options
  • fix fetching cloud token from 'cloud mode' dialog
  • add new click option: prompt, no prompt, read only, etc
  • add PIN protection for individual devices or tiles
  • add option when saving files to save to device / SD Card

Lots of changes here.. requiring a LOT of refactoring in the process. I did my best to test/test/test.. but, as usual please let me know if you see any issues and I'll try to fix them ASAP.

The biggest change is giving more control over what happens when you click on a device tile. You have the following choices:

  • Toggle = always toggle device state - on/off, open/closed, etc, regardless of device type
  • Prompt Some = Prompt for device types locks, valves, garage doors
  • Prompt All = Prompt for all device types (such as lights)
  • Read Only = No action when clicking on any device tile (except things like folders)

  • In addition to above, there's a new "Lock Hub Commands" option. When enabled, a PIN is required to send ANY command to your hub. Basically, a global PIN prompt.

  • If you don't want a global PIN prompt but still want to PIN protect a given device or even folder - that's now available too. When set, a PIN is required to send a command to that device (or view the given folder).

    • NOTE: if BOTH a global PIN and device PIN are set, the global PIN is used
  • The prompt that you see has also changed. Instead of the prompt: "Do you want to turn the lights on?", I'm now showing both options. It'll just give more control in case you want to send the 'on' command to a device that's already on or if the app/hub isn't in sync with your device.


version 1.0.1043 (beta)

  • allow multiple WIFI AP's (SSID) to be entered into cloud mode dialog

It's 2-for-Wednesday :slight_smile:

With this version, I tried to improve the Cloud Mode dialog and logic.

  • If you want to force the app into cloud mode - just enter anything in the SSID field and hit OK. I'd need help testing for a device that doesn't have WIFI like a Chromebox.. @Paulo
  • You can now enter multiple SSID's - comma separated. Basically, if the current SSID equals any of these the app will be in LOCAL mode -- meaning all requests will be made to the local IP address.
    • I'm not exactly sure the use case for this one.. it was mentioned a while back though. someone who had multiple WIFI AP's with different SSID names for his home network

NOTE: The app still requires location permission in order to use cloud mode. I tried to explain this in the "More info..." button. If I can figure out a better way to auto-detect which one to use without this I'll implement it.. but, as it is this logic has worked pretty solid for my personal devices.

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