[RELEASE] Follow Me - Speaker control with priority messaging, volume controls, voices and sound files!

OK very nice thanks again for all you have done we appreciate it :slight_smile:


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Is it possible to add a voice option of Portuguese Brazil?

Nope, voices are set by Hubitat. Go to Settings, Hub Details, bottom off popup - 'Default Text To Speech (TTS) Voice'. Those are the only voices available.

You could try to contact support about it.

Ok Thanks

Hello All,

Is it possible to use Follow Me on only one speaker for a rule? I have a rule that runs in the evening and only needs to speak on one speaker and I want to utilize Follow Me's volume control etc.


Sure, you can set it up anyway you like

OK, so when I setup a rule to utilize the Follow Me functionality, I have to select the virtual device which is associated with all speakers currently. Do you create a different virtual device if you only want single or a select group of speakers to be used?

Thank You

Setup 'What Did I Say', then setup 'Follow Me' with the options you want including which speakers to activate.

You would then select the 'What Did I say' device in Rule Machine or any other app to send the speech to. Follow me will grab this speech (from the what did I say device) and work it's magic, speaking only on the devices you have told it to.

OK, maybe I am missing something, but I have 13 speakers that are setup in What Did I Say. For the new rule I need to setup, it can only go to one of those speakers, so how do I ensure the others will not be used?

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'What did I say' is a driver that only needs to be used with one virtual device.

All 'Follow Me' child apps use this one device. Only speakers you want to use need to have a 'Follow Me' child app. Each speaker or speaker group you want to use should have their own 'Follow Me' child app.

How do you have only one speaker specified in Follow Me without using the other speakers or removing them?

Thank You

Is it possible to use Follow Me on only one speaker for a rule?

I have a rule that runs in the evening and only needs to speak on one speaker and I want to utilize Follow Me's volume control etc.
Create ONE child device for the ONE speaker you wanted to use.

Then you seem to have changed the game and threw in another dozen speakers!

In that case you would have to setup a second 'What Did I say' driver and a second instance of 'Follow Me' (using different names of course). Create the 12 other speakers under this parent app.

Always a way.

Hmmm OK, I appreciate your help and work thank you.

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One last question, is it possible to select a What Did I Say child only within a rule?

Thank You

'What did I say' is a driver. You would select the virtual device that is using it. It can be selected as a speaker device from any app that uses 'Speech Synth' as a speaker option. Most do.

Yes that is what I am doing, but in this rule I do not want the reminder to speak on any other speakers and wake anyone up potentially, but I need to also leverage the What Did I Say volume features. So it appears that I need to create a second device and only link one speaker to it for this instance.


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I have this same use case. I use Follow Me extensively for most of my notification handling and it works great, but I don't use it for this specific case where I only one one device speaking in a certain situation triggered by RM.
In this case I use RM to both set the volume and speak on the specific device. Yes you can set volume with RM. Would that not work for you?

I actually tried that and the volume would never set correctly before the speech started but the last part of my rule where I put this speech volume back to the louder setting worked, it was very weird. So I basically assumed that follow me would be the solution since I was using it everywhere else.

And I also only use Google home speakers.

I am testing "Quiet Time Start" and it does not seem to be changing the volume on my google home mini, even after triggering it with an alert. Any Ideas?

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