[RELEASE] Echo Speaks V4

I have that driver code installed, what type of device should I see?

With the driver code installed, you need to add the device. Go to devices --> Add device --> Virtual. For Type, scroll down, choose User and select ES Tile.


@jshimota v0.0.5 is out with a serverIp


I believe you are mistaken. The ES Tile driver has no Configuration capability, no Configure button, no configure routine.

Hmmm, it appears that you are correct looks like I only include the Refresh.

you're a rocker. My spooky Halloween format of your code outs -
using Tile Builder MuliAttribute with HD+ dashboard. it really looks great on my cell phone too :slight_smile:

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Looks great, but the title needs to be changed to Echo Speaks Spookie Status. A goblin seems to be playing with your next refresh time.

It's saying that the refresh was missed. Refresh cycle is set for 4 days, it's been 6...

The scheduled getDeviceActivity() function is failing. I get these errors every 30 minutes:

Others are reporting it too, just linking this back to the main thread:

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Seems to have stopped. Not seeing the error any more. Likely was something on Amazonโ€™s side of things.

Not for me, continues every 30 minutes


Yes, it is back for me too. Seems like every 10 minutes now.

Looks like Amazon has done something with their api site.

As the master says - it cleared off after the next go round. was legacy... today is:


This is happening for me as well.

Whoa mine sounds like a squeeky robot this morning.

I'm seeing this every 10 minutes also.

just checked, i have it also. every 30 minutes on the dot.

I am now seeing this every 6 minutes. Everything seems to be working fine, just the errors in the log:

This has been an issue for a few weeks. If you want to stop them see this post:

How do you "rem out" those lines of code? I tried simply adding "//" by keying in the forward slashes and I get an the error below:

expecting '}', found 'else' @ line 2788, column 11