[RELEASE] Echo Speaks V4

your local callback is wrong.. that is the behavior if it is wrong.. should look like this you are missing parts.

also according to your picture the ip in your callback is also wrong.. it should not be the same ip that your nas or whater is on.. it should be the HUBITAT IP

@tonesto7 app change suggestion.. when you pop up the recommended cloud url during setup maybe below it pop up what the local url would be as well.. Would save a lot of grief during setup!

I can't change how it gives me the callback in the first place. So not sure how to solve that. The local callback is done automatically isn't it?

no.. you fill it in manually. it pops up in the app in hubitat a recommended cloud callback but you either enter that into your nas/windows/whatever box in that field it is not populated automatically and you have to modify that by yourself to figure out the local callback url.. tha field is user ENTERABLE.

the fact that it is called required settings should be a give away that you enter it!

It gives you a cloud callback url from the ES app in Hubitat when you go to set it up, which if you are having issues I would suggest using that exactly as it is provided. It will work with a local server. Some people had requested using a local URL so I figured it out and added it to my guide but it is totally optional.

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I understand, i've used the cloud call back, and logged in. It says successful and then close the windows and in hubitat it still tells me i have not logged in. My hubitat and ES server are on a vlan... could it be firewall related? they are on the same vlan but i guess they can't talk to each other.

If you restart (not reinstall) the container and then go back to the cookie server home page does it still show you as logged in? (It should).

When you log in to the cookie server it will report back to the HE app via the callback url, so that should work even if they cannot talk via the LAN. After that the HE app will ping the server here and there using the local IP, so that would start throwing errors later if they could not talk to each other.

this is the full call back it is giving me
https://cloud.hubitat.com/api/471e9840-morenumbers-49be-b09f-c6053a7bc15a/apps/489/receiveData?access_token=stuff here-0fecbc11627e

that looks fine for a cloud callback.. in the picture posted above. you had a misformed LOCAL callback.. with both the wrong url and the wrong ip..

did you put this cloud callback in the callback url field in your server (on port 8091) as shown in your picture above?

So i reset everything. restarted the container. I used the cloud callback, saved, then authenticated to amazon. Now i am in this weird loop...

Authentication is good... but i still need to login.

OK! i got it... and now i hope the Auth stays (because there were times i would refresh and it was gone) but its a combination of restarting the proxmox container, reinputting the cloud info, saving, authenticating, not saving.

wild ride, but i still am super happy that i can use my stupid thermostat speaker for something.

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There only seems to be one es tile driver in your repo - am I pulling the wrong one? my tile isn't displaying update either.

Latest version has this at about line 28

@Field static String minFwVersion = ""

we're talking about estile right?!?!



AH geezus. I'm in an old git repo of yours. sorry. I think I forked you about a year ago!
Yep! Magical!


@thebearmay Feature request for 005??
On the newest ES Tile (004?) - could you break out the Server IP as an attribute as well? I edited your driver then I realized I am trying to stop customizing drivers!
eg; ?

as to why my Next refresh says 363 days - no idea. I did miss a refresh this week... waiting 4 more days. nothings broken.

How does one set this tile up?

I believe there is an update to ES Tile that fixes this issue caused by the new Hubitat UI.

Just another virtual device. Install the driver code from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thebearmay/hubitat/main/esTile.groovy create a device from it and hit Configure. It should then read the Echo Speaks app for the current status and create an HTML attribute.

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Easy one, I’ll try to get to it tomorrow