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Well, the auto-start navigation link is easy (see v1.3.0). But I am skeptical that auto-replacement of the destination mid-navigation is doable, at least from the perspective of this driver. Maybe if you had webcore execute the navigation link upon replacement of the destination? Wonder if that would effectively do what you want?

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Good idea, and thanQ once again.

I think this could get messy. However, I guess there'd be a botch to flick a switch somewhere to notify via a dash if the new destination has moved more than a certain distance away from the older stored one. You'd then need to click the link to replan. That'd work. I guess this is a bit niche.

It's effectively a way to navigate to a moving target, efficiently.


Hiya, it seems I am dragging others into this.

Apologies, I just think the possibilities for this are pretty prenominal, whilst (almost) using existing processes, combined to make something really cool.

Here's the links you may be interested in (?).


Variable url on the dash
Url on dashboard - #5 by Darren - SharpTools Community

Also, in relation to this:

I gave it a crack. it doesn't work unless you end the navigation and then start again, as it doesn't see the new destination. Fairly sure you could easily create a link which would automatically end the navigation if active before doing the clever bit you already have working. If so, then some webcore magic would be able to initiate the 'refreshed destination' under certain circumstances, i.e. if the proposed destination is actually remarkably different from the initial values. That's something that could easily be achived outside of your driver, even by someone like me with no coding skills whatsoever.

Hope this makes sense. It would be so cool to bring this all together using your idea here, linked to jpsh's sharptools idea (once hopefully completed as per the other thread), and lp's owntracks. Perfect combination of 3 awesome ideas, linked through webcore or RM to create something very, very clever with a useful child-tracking feature.

This would blow life360 away and bring this all into a grate little ecosystem.

Are you trying on android or iOS? See this re iOS

I'm using android.

*"... On Android, the Google Maps app goes straight into turn-by-turn navigation with directions to the destination... *"


*If Google Maps was already open with navigation to a different location, the previous navigation is automatically cancelled and navigation to the new destination is started, all without user input. *
This is exactly the behavior we want... "

Not true. But this would be desirable.

Not sure if something changed over the years.

Must have. Sorry. I don't see a way to do what you want, at least from this driver's perspective.


Is there a way to use the driver to exit nav? If so, I can fudge the rest =)

Not that I know of

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Well looks like there might be workarounds. I’ll see if I can’t add a stop nav link that uses one of these workarounds so you can try it.

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