[RELEASE] Device Watchdog


That is how you do it! In fact, there really isn't another way--there's no built-in update mechanism (yet?), and if you create an entirely new app with this code, Hubitat won't associate the new code with your existing app, in the event it even lets you install two with the same name in the same namepsace.

Oh, and some apps won't work properly until you at least re-open the installed app itself and hit "Done" afterwards, depending on what code changes the developer made and how careful they were to preserve existing setups. You usually don't need to do this, however.


You can just copy the code but it's easier to just copy the url of the raw code. Then in HE use the Import button and put the URL in there. I do need to update the install instructions for each app in Github.

For all of my apps, when there is an update...it will tell you towards the bottom of the app that there is an update and it will also give you links directly to the raw code. Right click on that link to copy the address. Then go to 'Apps Code', 'App Name', 'Import', paste in the Address and hit 'Import'. An 'Are you sure' warning will pop up, click 'Ok' and then be sure to hit 'Save'.

Seems like a lot but it only takes about 10 seconds to do and you don't even have to visit Github to do it!


@bptworld -- I did see the update notice at the bottom. The copy of the link is great. Thank you for your support!!!!!


Mate my hub shows
1.0.9 -No update available.

Will try to restart the hub now


Are you looking on the parent or child? The newest PARENT version is 1.0.9.


You are absolutely correct!

@bptworld as most people will enter the main app and not the child might be a good idea for example to place the word update in red in front of each child app on the the parent app to let people know there is an update. If Jason had not pointed it out would be strange for me to get it figured out.


I did the same thing last night when I updated, so it was fresh in my mind. I think this is similar to how Cobra's app update notifications work too - so if everyone does it the same, people will get used to it I guess.

I definitely like the update notifications, though! Nice work.


I'm actually working on a whole new 'app notifier' app. You'll be able to see and/or get notified if ANY of my apps have an update in a few different ways. Should have something out this weekend. Stay tuned! :sunglasses:


Well done mister


FANTASTIC! That is very exciting. Flashing a light would be cool :slight_smile:


If you get around to this... will it be posted here or somewhere else? Thanks for your excellent work!!!


It will have it's own post...eventually



Your app looks to be very useful. I've not tried it yet but .. thanks for sharing.

I have one question:
The github page shows a file DW-driver.groovy but the readme.md does not mention it. Is it required for functionality?



The driver is only needed if you want to display the data on a dashboard tile.

Edit: I've updated the readme on the Github.



Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

I'll start with the basic parent/child first.



Hey I've got a question on this sensor check-in stuff.

How often is a SmartThings wireless Zigbee sensor supposed to "check in" anyway? I've got some moistures sensors that don't check in for a number of hours. Is that normal? Just Checking HAH! :slight_smile:


Every manufacturer is different but some are once an hour. Some don't check in but once every 24 hours. Just depends on the device and the power saving features.

You would have to Google the specific device to find out the exact time.


The instructions say that you can get an on-demand report as well. I would like to get a report two times a day and rather than create another copy of the app, I was hoping I could use a trigger device to do that.

Great work BTW...works very well!!


The on-demand report is someone going into the app and pressing the button. I can add a switch to activate it though. Let me look into it.


My apologies, I misunderstood. It would be cool if you could. Even if it was through a custom command to the Tile Device. Thanks!